21 Ways To Earn Money When Traveling

There are so many ways to make money while traveling that many people have adopted travel as their lifestyle. For a budget backpacker, life was never this good. If you plan to spend a good amount of time in a city, you can explore temp location-based jobs. Or, if you want to be a wandering minstrel, a freelance dig is the best for you.

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General Tips

1. Identify Your Skills

Sit down and make a list of everything you can do. If your skill is good driving, don’t leave it out because everyone drives. Good drivers are hard to come by in certain parts of the world.

2. Evaluate Your Skills

If you are a good cook, can you learn how to cook different cuisines? If you’re good with your hair, can you trim other people’s hair too?

3. Update Your Skills

Look up temp location-based job opportunities and hone up your skills accordingly. Sometimes, even if you’re low on a skill, a willing attitude makes up for it.

4. Promote Your Skills

Print cheap pamphlets listing the tasks you can perform. Include your contact information and the time you’ll be spending at the location. Email these in advance with a covering note to your target establishments.

5. Learn To Flex Your Skills

If you get to know about a gig that doesn’t fit any of your listed skills, learn to flex a skill to fit the gig. After all, driving a truck isn’t all that difficult from driving a car; just takes a bit of getting used to.

6. Know Where Your Skills Apply

Target the right market for your skills. If you’re a great swimmer, look for pool and beach lifeguard positions in summer. If you have a great reading voice, look at reading jobs at libraries and playschools.

Freelance Job Options

You can review this list and add a few more based on your unique skills and talents.

7. Register On Freelance Job Sites

Sites such as Elance.com, Odesk.com and PeoplePerHour.com (UK) are fantastic job bidding sites. Once you learn how to bid and win projects, win the client over with your work and you’ve got steady incoming orders.

8. Write Reviews

BeforeYOUBackpack.com pays you $5 for a hotel, hostel or guest house review, but you have to actually stay at the place you’re reviewing. Make your reviews honest, funny and useful for future guests.

9. Create A Travel Blog

If you’re a snazzy writer and take great pictures too, blog everything you see and experience. Make your blog useful to readers and you’ll soon reap income from Ads and other means.

10. Do Web Design

This is a great skill that pays excellent dividends through long term clients. Keep your skills constantly motivated and learn SEO.

11. Write Travel Articles

Write travel articles for sites such as Matador Or Boots n All and other travel blog sites. Once you establish yourself as a good, sensitive writer who provides accurate and helpful info, you’re in.

12. Sell Pictures

You can take great photos and edit them to sell to iStockPhoto and other sites.

13. Edit Pictures

If photography is not your thing, master the art of editing pictures on PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro. Know how to add special effects and make an ordinary picture more appealing. You can sell this skill to those who need it.

14. Work As A Ghost Writer

There are endless options in this area – create plain text into Ads copy, refurbish people’s job resumes for a fee, offer to write letters in English and so on.

Location-Based Job Options That Don’t Need Certifications

15. Teach English

If your native tongue is English and you have a good grasp of it, look for temp teacher jobs. Developing countries and non-English speaking countries always need some.

16. Work As A Camphost

If you are a good communicator and have the right referrals, you could work as a summer camphost for kids.

17. Work In RV Parks

RV parks need constant maintenance and administration. If you’re handy with tools, are a good communicator and a people person, you can work as an RV admin.

18. Work In Supermarkets

Supermarkets around the world hire temp staff as counter clerks, shop assistants, packers and shifters and cleaners.


19. Be A Roadhouse Chef

If you can cook, consider working as a roadhouse chef. All you need to do is follow instructions to churn out quick and easy food options. You might even wing a free ride to your next destination from a truck driver.

20. Work As A Farm Assistant

You need to be good about waking up early but farm work is good, healthy and the freebies are awesome.

21. General Jobs

Keep an eye out for non-skill specific general jobs such as fruit picking, mowing, bakery assistant, waitressing and so on.


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This post is written by Ronald, contributor at gifts for men site Adrenaline.

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