21 Jump Street- Movie Review

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21 Jump Street was hilarious from the beginning and didn’t falter from there. The characters Morton (played by Jonah Hill) and Greg (played by Channing Tatum) developed a brotherly relationship throughout the movie that would almost make one want to say “aww.” The movie was based on a TV series in 1987 of the same name about youthful looking policemen going undercover in high schools to investigate crimes. SinceI was a big fan of the 80’s series I wasn’t quite sure WHAT to expect, but all I hopes is that the legacy of Johnny Depp, etc had not been tainted. Being that the setting is in a high school, many immature jokes were thrown in, but it was all in good taste and flowed well with the movie. Its full of action, teenage drama, and many quirky moments. It’s definitely a movie worth watching to if you’re in the mood have a real good laugh.

21 Jump Street gets an 8 out of 10 Butterflies

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