How to Keep a Job – Get Skilled Up as Talent is Always in Demand

How to Keep a Job – Get Skilled Up as Talent is Always in Demand
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Knowing how to keep a job is important for us all. Many of the unemployed probably wish they had known a thing or two about hanging onto their employment before they were fired for cause or dismissed as part of a staff reduction. Being at work might suck, but being without regular income can turn your world upside down. It’s one of the more upsetting things that can happen to us.

And, once you’re out of work, you’re in competition with others who are in a similar position – on the outside looking in.

Many of us sit around and bemoan the state of the economy, and we worry about the stability and longevity of our place in it. As you might expect, worrying doesn’t help,action does.

If you’re focused on how to make more money, the best action is to perform well on the job and try your best to reduce management burden instead of adding to it. So, how does this concept affect us, and how can we use it? What does this mean for the self directed and self reliant among us? Well, here is my view:

  • Get skilled up and you’ll keep your job.
  • Take on new challenges at work and you can influence your own ability to be promoted andget pay increases.
  • Broaden your work experience and you’ll improve your chances of upward and lateral mobility as well as have a more impressive resume for other employers looking for talent.
  • Stand out at work as a good performer, and when the decision to reduce staff is made, chances are better that your name will stay off the layoff list.
  • Don’t send mixed signals to your employer that would suggest dissatisfaction, distraction, a preference for time away from work, or being discontent.

Know how to keep a job by being talented and behaving in a manner that sends the right signals to management. Show your employer your talent by demonstrating specials skills, a positive attitude, good work ethic, proper focus, specific knowledge, and cooperation. Those are the qualities that are always in demand. Who in their right mind, be they an employer or a customer, would turn their back on good talent and opt for mediocre performance? Would you?

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Clair Schwan has been an employee of another as well as an owner of his own company. In either situation, he recognizes that the value you add to an enterprise is usually directly related to the work that comes your way and the compensation associated with it. He strongly suggests that if you want more success in your working life, then simply behave in such a manner as to increase your value and decrease your burden to the boss/customer.


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