The Hunger Games- Movie Review

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Since I hadn’t previously read any books of the series as many of the movie goers have, I was unsure about going to watch The Hunger Games without reading at least the first book. However, after watching the movie I was only disappointed that I didnít buy a ticket to watch it sooner. The movie had me engaged from start to finish. The dystopian setting in the beginning felt just as realistic as the futuristic setting later in the movie. The characters were all dynamic, and there wasn’t a boring or extraneous moment. Each significant character had depth and a slight backstory to them and were able to get you to feel a connection with them as the story progresses. The main character Katniss Everdeen, played by rising star Jennifer Lawrence, was the best example of that. She showed a wide array of emotions and her acting style was very realistic (and not predictable). Another thing I appreciated about this plot is, it’s good to see a strong female lead not play the damsel in distress like other movies portray their female roles. The story line flowed very well throughout the movie, and at no point was I confused or bored. I feel the need to go read the book series now as it is a trilogy and I want to find out what happens next. If you’re they type of person who loves a movie with a lot of adventure, action, apocalyptic themes and a plot that gets you thinking The Hunger Games is the perfect flick for you!

The Hunger Games gets 10/10 Butterflies

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Check Out The Hunger Games Trailer Below

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