Naughty (and Nice) Lingerie for Your Wedding Night

In the rush of planning for your wedding and getting the dress fitted, you might have forgotten all about what goes on under the dress! Bridal lingerie is one way to ensure that your wedding night is entirely unforgettable, and if you are invested in making sure that your new partner’s eyes pop, you should decide exactly how naughty or nice you want to be.

While lots of bridal lingerie is presented in wedding white, there is no reason not to get creative and clever. Your lingerie should reflect who you are and the traits that you want your new significant other to see. If you love the traditional look, absolutely choose bridal lingerie in white or a rich ivory, but remember that if you want to be more daring, there is emerald green, siren red and pure rich black as well!

Naughty (and Nice) Lingerie for Your Wedding Night
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Pastels & Lace

If you want something that is definitely on the nice end of the spectrum, consider a sweet pastel bra with just a few scallops of lovely lace along the border. A bra like this is sweet and slightly innocent, but you’ll find that you can add just a dash of naughtiness by figuring out what the finish should be. A sweet bra that is slightly transparent gets significantly naughtier, while a sleek silky sheen can make a huge difference to how your bra is perceived.

Lacy panties are always a good choice, but remember that you have an option to decide where the lace goes. When you want to be really naught, chose panties that are nothing but lace, offering peeks of your skin through the lace designs. If you prefer to be a little more demure on your wedding night, think about choosing panties that have a little bit of lace around the legs and along the waist band.


Remember that vintage is very in right now and that you can really get an old-fashioned type of naughty with garments like tap pants. Tap pants are loose-legged underwear, which doesn’t sound too exciting until you make them out of silk and insert lace insets. This type of underwear is perfect for a couple who adores vintage things.

If you really want to make a splash with your bridal lingerie, think about how you feel about corsets and merry widows. These garments are designed to nip in your waist and to push up your breasts, and they give you an automatic hourglass shape that is enough to make anyone drool. These items are relatively common, and you will have a choice of naughty or nice, depending on the color and designs you choose. It’s possible to get a corset that is white with pink ribbons or to get one that is deep red with a black lace overlay. Either way, you’re going to get the stares and the effect of the lovely picture.


When you’re going all the way with your bridal lingerie, don’t forget the hosiery. Your wedding is not the time for pantyhose. Pantyhose are for the day job. On your wedding night, splurge and get a pair of long stockings that are held in place with a set of lacy garters or a garter belt. Stockings do well on anyone, and they make even shorter legs look impossibly long. Match white stockings to your white wedding dress or choose something in a smoky black or brown for contrast. If you are someone who has a reputation for being a bit wild, don’t be scared to slip on a pair of colorful striped stockings.


Some brides are a little shy, and this is where bridal lingerie in the form of teddies comes in. A teddy is held up by straps at the shoulder, and it falls down loose to the hips or even to the waist. A teddy might be lined with silk ribbon or faux fur, and it can be as elegant or as plain as the bride wishes. A teddy covers up more skin than a bra and panties set, and you will find that it definitely falls on the nice end of the bridal lingerie spectrum. Choose a teddy in a color that you love and pair it with a sheer pair of panties for the full effect.

When it is your wedding, matching sets are the way to go. Black and white are the sets that are the easiest to get, but a little bit of searching will turn up plenty of others. While some brides do like their bridal lingerie, naughty or nice, to match their dress, others are thrilled to choose something that might reflect them a little more accurately. Whether you are a fire-engine red kind of woman, or you love a deep rich chocolate, choose the lingerie that best suits your tastes.

Check out what lingerie options out there and figure out what kind of bridal lingerie is going to grace your wedding night.

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