A Summertime Girls Night- Cocktails, a #CoronaRita, Appetizers and FUN! Also Enter To WIN A Chilli’s Gift Card!

This post brought to you by Chili’s Grill & Bar. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summertime is near and it’s time to breakout the summer dresses, wedges and go for a girls night out! I’ve personally been excited to get out and about with some friends, because hey, when it’s cold all you want to do is cuddle up with a cup of cocoa in sweats in a tee, or maybe that’s just me. But, in the spirit of breaking out of my chill mode, I’ve been shopping for some HOT summer finds and I’m ready to show them off.

Recently I decided to do a movie and dinner with friends and the we agreed to go to Chili’s, which I happen to LOVE!, before the movie. Although I’d seen the Avengers already, I definitely wanted to watch it again since Iron Man and Black Widow are two of my favorite super heroes, and if you read my review you’ll know the movie was AWESOME! Anyway dinner was what you can expect with a group of ladies; gossip and talking about men and the food was good too.

Chili’s is always great for a their baby back ribs, BUT for me I like to get the Triple Play and then do the $20 dinner for 2, so if you have a group of six you can get 3 dinners and an appertizer to share. I ALWAYS love to get either a Strawberry Margarita or Sangrita Swirl, however to my surprise they have a FABULOUS new drink called the CoronaRita at Chili’s and I just HAD to try it! The Coronarita is a Jose Cuervo Tequila Margarita with Corona, so delish! It’s fabulous when paired with the Ribs or Chicken Chrispers. I also loved how it comes with the Corona bottle attached, such a nifty idea. I’ll definitely be adding it to my list of go-to drinks for Chilis! I Can’t wait for my next girl’s/friends night out… by the way the movie was AWESOME again!

Don’t forget “You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly”

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Tell us

What’s YOUR Favorite Drink or Meal At Chilis?

and if you’ve a had the CoronaRita, How did YOU like it?


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  1. savannahbetty

    I love the margaritas on the rocks, no salt

    • davinci

      @savannahbetty Classic! LOL, what about food or appetizers?

      • savannahbetty

        @davinci Love the chips and salsa and the Steak Fajitas! And another margarita!

        • davinci

          @savannahbetty Oooo YES!!! I love those both too. Goodness, I may have to head out to @Chilis today after all these comments 🙂

  2. SweepsMama

    I love a Strawberry Margarita or a Miami Vice!

    • davinci

      @SweepsMama Yum! I haven’t tried the Miami Vice, what about food or appetizers?

  3. cappytweet

    I love the strawberry margarita 🙂

    • davinci

      @cappytweet LOL, you have excellent taste 😉 Margaritas are WINNING right now!… what about food or appetizers?

  4. FjMaris

    Margarita, on the rocks, salt the rim & I do want the lime!

    • davinci

      @FjMaris LOL, Margaritas are WINNING right now!… what about food or appetizers?

  5. Carrie G

    Everything, to hard to choose!

    • davinci

      @Carrie G LOL, sometimes that’s how I feel 🙂

  6. jholovack

    Their ribeyes are amazing! And i’m in love with the southwest eggrolls.

  7. Angela Rogers

    Southwest Eggrolls are to die for … LOVE them.

  8. Charnita Fance

    I don’t drink alcohol, so just a plain old tea or flavored tea would have to be my favorite. I also love the chicken crispers – no one makes them like Chili’s.

    • davinci

      @Charnita Fance They have GREAT Strawberry lemonades too!

  9. downeastah1

    I think the Chili is to DIE for!….no I have not yet tried the CoronaRita

    • davinci

      @downeastah1 Yes! I agree :)… any faves in particular?

  10. julie cutshaw

    love to try the
    MARGARITA GRILLED CHICKEN thats new, sounds so good
    [email protected]

  11. davinci

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  16. MargaretE.Smith

    My favorite meal is the Chicken Crispers. Really love these with the honey mustard sauce. Thanks so much.

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  18. abfantom

    I like Chili’s Margarita Grilled Chicken

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

    • davinci

      @abfantom Oooo I haven’t tried that YET!

  19. Jennifer Speed

    favorite is the Southwestern Eggrolls

    • davinci

      @Jennifer Speed Sooooo YUM, I always get those in my Triple Play

  20. sksweeps

    my favorite is the grilled shrimp tacos with honey chipotle sauce!

    • davinci

      @sksweeps Yes, those are AWESOME!

  21. clc408

    I like the Chicken Fajitas

  22. davisesq212


    • davinci

      @davisesq212 Oooo You’re giving me idea’s I haven’t tried that YET!



  24. mami2jcn

    Margarita Grilled Chicken is my favorite.

    • mami2jcn

      I entered on the punchtab with my Facebook username (Mary Happymommy). Thanks!

  25. s2s2

    I like the baby back ribs

    • davinci

      @s2s2 Classic!!! Can’t go wrong with those 🙂

  26. alycep

    I like their chicken fajitas

  27. tcarolinep


    • davinci

      @tcarolinep Yes, I love doing the half sandwich and soup! Awesome deal and great for lunch 🙂

  28. DebbieDenny

    I do like margaritas and will have to try your suggestion!

    • davinci

      @DebbieDenny Let me know how you like it 🙂

  29. JudiNicolaiTruppa

    Oh yum, love the Margarita drink, with the Margarita chicken grilled

    • davinci

      @JudiNicolaiTruppa Sounds divine!

  30. davinci

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  31. davinci

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  33. davinci
  34. davinci
  35. davinci
  36. davinci
  37. NicoleLenz

    My favorite food at chillis is the chilli queso dip.

    • davinci

      @NicoleLenz The Spinach Artichoke dip is a winner too!

  38. DisneyBride

    Southwest egg rolls.
    SOOOO tasty.

  39. sallyjenn

    fajitas and margaritas

    • davinci

      @sallyjenn WInning combination!

  40. Chris Wheeler

    I love the CoronaRitas! We always get them. Yummmmmmm….

  41. anashct

    chicken monterey! Thanks for a super giveaway!
    My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  42. jennifer horn

    My favorite is the baby back ribs!

  43. wigget


    • davinci

      @wigget Ah, I LOVE those too!

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  45. greenestoneproject

    The fajitas are my favorite!

  46. talliana

    The fajitas are my favorite

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  48. colleen boudreau

    I love the chilli queso dip.

  49. momma2100

    i love the margharita lime chicken!

  50. brandylwilson

    I like their black bean burger. Never had a Coronita but I totally would love it. Love both Corona and margs!

    • davinci

      @brandylwilson We could TOTALLY hangout, lol burgers and margs, lovely!

  51. sksweeps

    My favorite meal at Chilis (at the moment) is the grilled shrimp tacos with honey chipotle sauce!

    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  52. bunnyb

    I love the Triple Play!

    • davinci

      Excellent deal! Sometimes there’s no need to get a meal after that.

  53. canastaxyz

    I haven’t tried the CoronaRita yet. My favorite meal at Chili’s is the Bacon Ranch Quesadillas.

    • davinci

      @canastaxyz ooooo I haven’t tried that yet, BUT you had me at Bacon! lol

  54. Adam Lipkin

    I love the Baby Back Ribs.

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  56. DevonaFryer

    Mine is definitely the Chilli Queso Dip! I haven’t tried the CoronaRita.

    • davinci

      @DevonaFryer They would go well together!

  57. gkuroda

    my favorite is the baby back ribs

  58. jessedwards

    chips and salsa there are so good!

  59. tinascully

    Love the mudslide

  60. DanielleSauers

    My favorite thing at Chili’s is their Chicken Enchilada soup…soooo good!


    • davinci

      @DanielleSauers ahhh that’s another good one!

  61. MarieHoward

    i love their fajitas!

  62. magic5905

    I love the chicken crispers.

  63. Shanerus

    I like the Potato Skins

    • davinci

      @Shanerus I LOVE those too!

  64. Teresa

    the chicken crispers!! 🙂

  65. garygreen

    I would love to win this prize.

  66. veryforgetful

    Oh for a StrawberryPRESIDENTE MARGARITA right now!

    • davinci

      @veryforgetful That’s EXACTLY how I feel, RIGHT NOW! lol

  67. RobinSpeaceBouza

    I’ve had the margaritas there and they’re really good!!

  68. JenniferRote


    • davinci

      @JenniferRote YUM! Bacon + Burger = WIN

  69. Rebecca L

    I love their big mouth burgers

  70. crystalfaulkner2000

    I like their chicken crispers and their big mouth bites. thank you!

  71. rebecca shockley

    I love their Strawberry Margarita’s

  72. kathy f

    I love Chili’s burgers.

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  74. Monnie311

    I love the 2 for $20 meal items, I love all the drinks I can not pick just one. The lime chicken is delicious too

    • davinci

      @Monnie311 Perfect for date night also! 🙂

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  76. JasonVaughn

    I like the ribs

  77. Tahlia B

    Cajun Shrimp Pasta

    • davinci

      Ohhhh that sounds GOOD! I haven’t tried that one yet 🙂

  78. smilekisses

    Love their baby back ribs. I have not tried the Corona Rita.

  79. KatieRoch

    My favorite meal is the lighter choice grilled salmon

  80. Raymond

    Chili burgers

  81. donnak4

    I like their salads. No I haven’t tried it.

  82. McKim

    I like their chicken crispers.

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