THE BACHELORETTE SEASON 8- Week 2- The First Dates!

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I love that Emily get’s to be in her home town, I think they should do more of the shows this way so it’s a bit more natural for the Bachelor/Bachelorette involved. Tonight begins the dates.


Date 1- Ryan, from Georgia, gets to go on the 1st one on one.

Getting the first date always leaves you open as a target… judgeing from the date card Ryan thought he was going to do something GLAMOUROUS but instead Emily wanted to test him with real life situations so… they’re baking cookies, lol. It was cool because they made the snacks for Ricki’s soccer team and then after “mom” stuff they’re headed out for some diinner and grow up fun.

When they got to dinner Emily was quick to lay the tough questions on, since she’s been through this process before she’s not taking chances. I think Ryan handled things quite well. Of course he gets a rose :)… he’s cute, I like it so far! To finish the night off Emily’s favorite band Gloriana played for them.


Date 2: Alejandro, Nate, Alessandro, Tony, Michael, John, Jef, Charlie, Kyle, Stevie, Kalon, Chris

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The date starts off with the men meeting Emily at a theater, they’ll be doing a variety show with THE MUPPETS, yay! It’s so funny how everyone lights up no matter how old you are when the Muppets come on. There will be groups doing dancing, singing, comedy and more… and the proceeds of the show will go to charity!

Charlie was having a tough time because he’s still dealing with a speaking disability so he requested to be moved to another group… singing. It goes to show you that you never know what everyone else has had to deal with. I think it took bravery for him to even admit he was still scared and nervous.

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Kyle and John did the comedy segment and boy was the crowd and Miss Piggy tough, lol… it was cute though. Charlie was still quite torn with nerves. Jef, Charlie, and , did a dating game type segment with Miss piggy, it was so cute and funny. To finish up the night Ricki came up to sing a song with Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Emily! So sweet.

Next the guys and Emily head out for a cocktail party and some time for them to all get some one on one in. Jef apparently hasn’t been throwing out those “Into her” vibes that Emily is seeking, I think he’s lucky that he got a chance to speak with her and clear things up. Kalon finally gets some one on one and tries to convince Emily he’s not a douche bag… since Kalon interrupted time with Emily and Stevie it’s caused tension and his behavior is rubbing everyone the wrong way.

Date 3: Joe gets the next One on One

Joe meets Emily at the airport for a flight on a private jet… it’s like the scene from Pretty Woman in reverse, lol… they two head to Emily’s home town of West Virginia. They arrive at a really fancy resort/country club it was soooo gorgeous looking. Next it’s time for some swimming

…meanwhile back home, Kalon is telling the guys that he’s not sure how he feels about her having a child, lol he absolutely has no filter at times…

back to the date… later that night Emily & Joe get to go to a lavish, elegant dinner…. sadly she thinks their may be a spark missing and as much as the date was romantic and cute… it just wasn’t there. So… Joe didn’t get the rose.

Who Got Roses?

Kalon, Arie, Michael, Nate, Shaun, Chris, Jack, Travis, Charlie, John, Alessandro,

Alejandro, and Stevie

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