THE BACHELORETTE SEASON 8- WEEK 3- The 2nd Dates, Dollywood & Some Rock Climbing

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Due to bad weather I missed the first half of the show BUT I can report that Tony left because he was missing his son and Sean received the rose on the group date. Apparently I missed her friends grilling the men… and Chris getting a rose… anyway moving on


Next up…

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Arie and Emily head to Pigeon Forge for a one on one date, since he’s so adventurous she took him to a Southern STAPLE, Dollywood! While at the theme park Emily gets a surprise from Dolly Parton herself and just about loses her mind, lol…it was cute. Dolly serenades Emily and Arie with a personalized song and in her true fabulous fashion even pulls her aside for a bit of “girl talk”.

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Afterwards Emily and Arie have a bit of dinner and we really get a chance to see some insight into the man behind the hotness. It was lovely to hear that he has a sensitive side and we even find out he’s dated a woman with children before, so he may not be spooked by her after all. So far I like him…


At the Cocktail Party…

Emily confronts Kalon about his comment about him wanting his first children to be his and he basically cuts her off and says let me finish… BIG no, no…

The guy with the egg “Shelly” finally ditches the egg, although I think it defeats the purpose since he was supposed to take care of it the whole time, lol.

And then there is the train wreck of a conversation Alessandro and Emily have where he says that having children is a compromise… I have to wonder if he was just suffering from bad communication or really felt that way about the whole situation… either way I sense he’ll be going home, lol. AND I was right… even before the Rose ceremony she kicks him to the curb, lol. After the conversation she was really upset and Arie comes to the rescue to make her feel better :).

Sean also takes time to let Emily know that he would love to be a step-dad to Ricki…


At the Rose Ceremony…

Who Got A Rose?

In addition to Arie, Chris and Sean… Jef, Charlie, Doug, Michael, Travis, Alejandro, Ryan, John, Kalon, and Nate

Stevie was left standing rose-less…. I have to wonder if Kalon is a show hype filler at this point.



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