Best Five Places to Shop in Bali

Love to travel and shop? Why not travel to Bali? In addition to stunning beaches and a lively nightlife, Bali features one of the world’s best shopping scenes. Check out the following five great places to shop in Bali.

Shopping in Bali
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Shopping in Bali by Bruce Hood, on Flickr



Situated in the heart of Bali, Ubud is a major center for arts and culture and offers the most popular shopping scene on the island. Well known for its artworks, shoppers can find a wide selection of beautiful, traditional and unique art in Ubud’s many craft shops, galleries and markets. At the Ubud Traditional Market, find crafts, paintings, sculptures, wood carvings and stonework as well as jewelry, sarongs and souvenirs.

The Monkey Forest Road is also well worth a visit. A one-way street with shops on both sides, shoppers can find paintings, handicrafts, home decorations, antiques and many international name brand items.

Also in Ubud, shoppers can find shops showcasing Yoga and health goods, silk, spiritual curios, books, glass art, Buddha figures, ceramics and much more.


As the capital of Bali, Denpasar offers many malls, departments stores and traditional markets for a shopper’s delight. Spend the day in one of Denpasar’s malls such as Ramayana Mal for a wide variety of shops for women and children’s fashion, cosmetics, perfume, music and sports equipment. For men’s and boys’ clothing, games and sportswear, check out the Robinson Mal.

Want to shop a traditional Indonesian market? Head for Denpasar’s Kumbasari Market. Here, find an entire street packed with shops lining both sides selling all sorts of goodies from household wares to fabrics to local foods and spices to gold jewelry. The Pasar Kreneng market is a local favorite, featuring over a 1,000 vendors.


Not only is Kuta a popular beach scene but also a shopper’s paradise featuring an abundance of shops, boutiques and markets. The Kuta Art Market is a favorite traditional market among locals and tourists alike where artwork, handmade crafts and souvenirs can be purchased. Near Kuta Art Market is the Kuta Square, a shopping center where shoppers can find stores featuring fashion, surfing and beach items, international brands and more. Also check out Kuta’s Discovery Shopping Mall for the likes of books, pharmacies and jewelry.

Nusa Dua

Located at the southern tip of Bali, Nusa Dua is popular for its fabulous beaches and many attractive galleries, malls and shopping centers that are more affordable than those in other parts of Bali. The Bali Collection is a major shopping complex where shoppers can find a wide variety of goods with famous brands and retailers as well as locally made crafts. The Galeria Shopping complex offers paintings, woodcarvings, textiles, leather and more. Also enjoy browsing Nusa Dua’s traditional art market.


Sukawati is the best place in Bali to find great and affordable Balinese arts and crafts. It is well known for its popular Sukawati Art Market where shoppers can enjoy buying a variety of traditional Balinese crafts such as baskets, fans and ceremonial dance costumes.

Along the roads between Sukawati and other nearby villages are many various booths well worth visiting. Shoppers can find hidden gems like glass and stone art or beautiful handmade jewelry. There are also many silversmith booths along the roads where visitors can stop and watch art and jewelry being crafted.

With great beaches and a wide array of exciting shopping choices, Bali makes the perfect travel destination. Make plans today to travel to Bali and shop until you drop.

Teresa Shuler is a hotel reviewer and freelance travel blogger. She’s been to resorts around the globe and highly recommends looking into All inclusive holidays to Bali – especially Jimbaran holidays.

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