THE BACHELORETTE SEASON 8- WEEK 4- A One on One, 2 on 1 and Group Date In Bermuda!

the bachelorette emily
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This week there will be 3 dates; a group date, one on one date and a 2 on 1 date… they all leave for Bermuda! and even Ricki get’s to come along…

The first date is a 1 one 1 with Doug, leaving Alejanjro feeling uneasy and almost getting into it with Arie… Doug definitely has the upper hand with Emily since he’s a dad but I wonder if there is anything beyond that common bond. As they continued their date, they wrote Doug’s son, Austin, back a letter and then made their way through the Moongate with their wishes.

meanwhile back at home…

Charlie, Ryan, Chris, Sean, Arie, Travis, Kalon will be going on the group date this week… leaving 4 men unsure of if they will be on the 2 on 1 date or without a date at all.

Anyway, even after Emily not being sure if Doug was just one of the “Good Guys” she gives him a rose… I’m not quite sure if I buy it fully. I think he’s cool but he may have a few issues he’s hiding, lol.

Kalon, Emily
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On the group date Emily and the guys are going sailing and apparently they will be split into teams to compete for more time with Emily. The losing team will return to the hotel while the other get to hang out with Emily more for the night. The winners of the race are Kalon, Ryan, Charlie, Arie, and Jef.

meanwhile back at home…

The last date card comes and it reveals that the 2 on 1 dat will be John and Nate.

While at their victory party, Jef makes sure to let Emily know he’s interest and then Ryan is sure to let her know he has objections to her current behavior with some of the other men, mainly kissing Arie. He was upset and she apologized but she was slightly annoyed with his judgement and kept it pretty cool with him…. anyway in a surprising twist for everyone, Jef involved, Jef receives the rose for the night.

On the 2 on 1 date… John, Nate and Emily do some jumping off some cliffs, lol.. and follow it up with an awkward dinner in some caves. Sadly in between drips, small talk and the lingering rose… things were “pleasant” lol. After a strained date, John received the rose and Nate was sent packing… partially for his age and immaturity.

At the cocktail part…

Alejandro makes sure that Emily knows that he’s interested, he was nervous since he didn’t get any time with her. As he talks her her the other guys take time to discuss Ryan and whether or not he’ll be going home for his quirky arrogance.

Who Will Be Back Next Week?

Jef, John, Doug, Sean, Arie, Travis, Chris, Ryan, Kalon, and Alejandro

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