5 Easy Hair Care Tips That Anyone Can Follow

Hair fall is a major crisis for many countless people today. An increasing number of men and women (especially the former) have started experiencing hair fall at a very young age. Many are perplexed as to why this is happening. But the signs are there for all to see – Changing lifestyles, the junk food culture, pollution, environmental changes, etc are factors that are invariably contributing to hair loss.

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You may be surprised to know that most of the hair fall and split end problems can be remedied by taking a healthy diet of fruits, green vegetables and pulses. This healthy diet includes everything a healthy body and hairs require ranging from vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates etc. Also, apart from healthy diet, a stress free environment is essential for healthy hair. Research conducted by world bodies indicate that stress is directly proportional to hair loss. So it is necessary that you be an environment where you aren’t under constant pressure. Apart from these, I have listed down 5 other tips for hair care


1. Hair experts are of the opinion that one should wash their hair regularly with mild shampoo so as to clean the scalp and also to remove dandruff and dust from hair. Soaps should be avoided altogether as they strip hair of its essential oils.

2. Always apply conditioner following a hair wash as conditioners helps to retain moisture in the hair and additionally repairs damaged hair. Other important tips that you need to follow – While going out in the sun, always remember to wear serum as its acts as sun-screen for hair.

3. However make sure that all the cosmetics that you use are natural hair care products as many cosmetics contain harsh chemicals that end up destroying hair cells.

4. Furthermore, always wash hair with lukewarm to cold water as extreme temperatures can damage hair. However there is something less avoidable – Water coming from untreated, semi-treated or fully-treated zones may contain various minerals like calcium, iron, copper, magnesium or lead that damage both scalp and hair. So, if possible try using mineral water as these contain minerals in very less quantities and thus can be less damaging.

5. Also have your hair checked once a year by a dermatologist for any potential hair problems.


Follow these tips and your hair should retain its healthy, luscious look.


Author Bio: I am Udit Garg and currently I am pursuing my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Writing is my passion and the best way for me to bring my thoughts and ideas in front of people.


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