The Ideal 20 Minute Workout for Traveling Women

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Looking to maintain that nice figure of yours all year long? Don’t travel!!! Just kidding. Although we’re joking around with you, the truth is that a lot of people really do believe that they just can’t maintain a nice figure when they’re on the road.

There are so many restaurants filled with greasy junk food, and when you’re tired form driving all day the last thought on your mind is going to be going to somewhere healthy.

Even if you just want to live a little, you probably don’t want to go back home with ten extra pounds! So the best thing that you can honestly do is devise a quick fitness plan that’s going to help you stay in shape.

If you find that you need help with this, don’t worry — a lot of people actually find that they really don’t know what should go into a workout that’s short. They can think about all of the things that they do in the gym for long periods of time, but they really can’t think about anything else that might come to the surface.

You don’t have to end up in that bad cycle. It’s time to break out and really do the things that you need to do in order to keep your figure tight.

Defining the Parameters

A good exercise program for the road is one that lets us accomplish our objects in the least amount of time. So let’s say that you know you have 20 minutes. Is that too long? Not at all. Is that too short? Not at all. Even if you only had minutes, there’s something that you can do for your health. It is not the big sweeping steps that we make that change everything. It’s our dedication to the small and consistent steps that we make.

We’re also going to assume that you won’t always be able to carry around a lot of weights. Even though you may have a nice love affair with the barbell at home, that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily have to lug it around with you when you’re on the go.

Now is the best time to look at minimalist equipment. We’re talking about resistance bands and straps like the Nike TRX system. However, that’s going to b ea bit more expensive than what people actually want to pay, so you will have to get creative. Here is what we recommend.

Bodyweight Training

Who needs a gym, or weights for that matter? When you’re on the road, you probably want to try to pack as lightly as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. So make sure that you look into some bodyweight training moves. The classics like squats, lunges, dips, leg lifts, push ups, sit ups, crunches, and even back extensions will keep you limber as well as fit while you’re on the road.

Example on BodyWeight Training You Can Do Anywhere:

Sandbag Training

It might seem a little weird to be out in the parking lot with a big bag of sand in a duffle bag, but there’s a lot of things you can do with a sandbag. For one, it’s a misshapen weight, which means that you will have to move your body differently.

Being unprepared and thrown off guard tends to make your body go back to its old ways, but we’re not talking about modern times. We’re talking about the body remembering how it survived to this point — our ancestors didn’t have fast food or anything like that. They had to literally hunt down their food and gather other foods for long periods of time.

If you’re going to use a sandbag, you’ll want to find an intensity that works for you. We like to pair interval training with the sandbag — see how hard and how many reps you can go in a minute’s worth of time — then rest for 30 seconds. Naturally, you’ll want to do a few cycles of these sandbag intervals in order to begin carving out the body you want.

The regular movements matter as well. Squats, lunges, leg lifts, dips and presses of all kinds will help sculpt your body. There’s no need to think that just because you’re on the road and you only have a short amount of time that you can just skip out on doing the things that your body needs for optimal health.

Food is definitely part of the health equation, but you probably already have a food plan. You already know the things that are going to be beneficial to your body — you just need to make sure that you handle them appropriately.

Don’t be afraid to make time for your workouts. People will tell you that they’re not necessary but the truth is simple: they really are! If you look in the mirror and like what you see today, you have to do certain things to make sure that you will always be able to preserve what you see in the mirror. That’s the whole point of this exercise regimen to begin with.

Example on Sandbag Training You Can Do Anywhere:

Good luck, and remember: consistency is what counts! Take action and own your decisions!
About: H.M is writing for where he shares his tips and thoughts on different types of workout routines for women!

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