Ideas on Maintaining Healthy Eating when Traveling Across the Country

When you are traveling across country, it can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. Fast food restaurants, well stocked truck stops, and one-of-a-kind diners all make eating too easy and too fun. The following suggestions can help you maintain healthy eating while you are moving cross country.

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Pack Healthy Snacks. Everyone that has ever embarked on a long road trip knows that snacking in the car is inevitable. To prevent yourself from filling up on prepackaged snacks that are high in calories, sugar, and chemicals, packs some healthy snacks before you leave. Fill small sandwich bags with vegetable sticks, whole grain crackers, finger fruits like grapes or finger sandwiches.

Eat Smaller Portions. If you want to try one of those unique diners during your trip, don’t pass on the opportunity to try something new, just eat a smaller portion. If you go in the evening, ask for lunch sized portions. If you go at lunch, ask for a carry out bag. You can reduce your calories while still enjoying the local flavors.

Eat Breakfast. People that take the time to eat a healthy breakfast will not be as inclined to snack all day. Additionally, when you eat a good breakfast your blood sugar levels will remain stable and you will not crave that sugar boost from a candy bar.

Shop Farmers Markets. During your travels look for local farmers markets where you can purchase local fresh foods. You will enjoy the many different foods that you find here, and most will be grown in that area.

Drink Water. Your body needs at least a gallon of water a day to function properly. When you are dehydrated not only will you feel sluggish, you will also eat more than needed. Many people interpret their thirst as hunger pains. By drinking enough water you can avoid overeating and keep alert while driving.

Take Advantage of Rest Areas and Photo Stops. It is very important to get some exercise when you are traveling. While it is probably not practical to stop and go to the gym, it is possible to stop at rest areas and photo points and get out and move around. When you move your body and get your circulation moving, you will increase your energy levels and feel better. If you remain sitting too long, your body becomes tired and you will need to reach for a “quick fix” of sugar to get you going again. A brief walk at the rest area will help prevent this problem.

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