Top 5 Scholarships for Grad Students

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With the undergraduate years behind them, men and women who are thinking of heading back to school to earn a graduate degree will want to scour the online landscape looking for grant money. Many scholarships, in fact, are reserved specifically for graduate students. With a little research and some sly handling of the applications, most students will have a pretty good shot at reeling in some money. Below are five kinds of graduate scholarships that should be explored in detail.

1) Healthcare Scholarships

There are many different scholarships that are intended to go to men and women who are seeking careers in a specific profession. Students who are looking to become healthcare professionals will have a range of options. In fact, men and women who are looking to go into healthcare management might qualify for the Foster G. McCraw scholarship. If they are entering the terminal year of their graduate program, they can apply for this scholarship. With excellent grades and some fine recommendations from professionals, they will likely stand a good chance.

2) Teaching and Research Assistantships

Students who are willing to do a bit of work while they are attending classes will open themselves up to a range of opportunities. There are two ways in which they might do this. Teaching assistants will be responsible for helping certain professors grade papers. At larger universities, students might also be asked to teach some introductory classes. Research assistants, on the other, will assist professors outside the classroom. This usually involves working on scientific experiments or historical studies. Students who are tapped as researchers or teachers will generally receive tuition waivers.

3) NSF Scholarships

The National Science Foundation, one of the nation’s preeminent organizations, also gives out a scholarship each year to students who are engaged in research in of the core scientific fields. Technology, mathematics, and engineering are considered offshoots of science. Men and women who are pursuing advanced degrees in these fields will be perfectly eligible for the award. The NSF scholarship is a prestigious one and may even allow the winning students time away from their studies so that they can devote themselves to cutting-edge research methods.

4) Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright program has long attracted graduate students who would like to contribute to international relations. Once people have finished with their undergraduate work, they might receive a scholarship to teach English in other countries around the world. Though many students will be eligible for a Fulbright scholarship, the competition has long been fierce. Men and women who exhibit exceptional enthusiasm for making the world a better place will have a leg up on the competition. People who receive the award may get the chance to spend considerable amounts of time in South America, Africa, and East Asia. Good grades and a smashing personal essay will be key components of the application process.

5) Field-Specific Scholarships

Youngsters should also pay attention to the field-specific scholarships that may be available. Whether students are interested in political science, nursing, history, or chemistry, they should comb the online world until they have exhausted their options. In fact, many scholarships go unclaimed each year due to a lack of applicants. By scouring the Internet, people can give themselves the best opportunities for completing their graduate degrees with a smaller financial burden.

If men and women are lucky enough to procure a graduate scholarship, they will have to meet certain qualifications while they are in their program. Maintaining a certain grade point average, for example, will surely be mandatory. Likewise, engaging in extracurricular activities that will benefit the academic institution will also be helpful.

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