Horseback Riding Vacations: Experience Carefree Vacation at its Best

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Horseback Riding Vacations

Do you ever feel the need to get away from all the stress of work and the tension of a hurried lifestyle? Sometimes, you need a break just get your mind off of things and experience a carefree week where you can appreciate nature, leave those worries behind and enjoy the feel of the wind against your face. That’s exactly the kind of experience you can have when you go for horseback riding vacations.

There are many horseback riding ranches offering vacation packages to travelers. You can bring along your family or closest friends since these kinds of vacations are not only about being in a saddle the whole day. In fact, aside from riding as wild or as tame as your heart desires, you can enjoy loads of other activities on a horseback riding ranch.

Refine Your Skills at Horseback Riding

A day at the ranch will make you throw caution to the wind as you first ride a horse that is specially selected to suit your riding ability. A couple of hours in and you will most likely form a special bond with your horse that makes you want to refine your skills as a rider. Just as well, since there is no better place to improve your horsemanship than at a ranch, while riding a horse with a demeanor that is suited to your preference. You can learn just by gleaning some tips from your wrangler guide or you can take horseback riding lessons during your stay at the ranch.

Treat Yourself to a Spa

Being on a vacation is the perfect excuse for extra pampering. Most ranches offer spa services so you can indulge yourself in treatments like traditional massage, manicure/pedicure, and facials. And while you’re at it, you might want to ask if the ranch has any signature treatments you can try during your stay. There’s nothing like having a mix of adventure and luxury during your vacation.

Participate in Ranch Activities

Days at the ranch are never boring. If you want to take a break from horseback riding, you can always hop on a bicycle and go sightseeing. Furthermore, if your family is with you, you can spend time with them splashing on a pool or pond. Some ranches also organize sports activities like tennis, archery, and trap shooting as part of their program.

Likewise, ranches may also hold family-friendly and fun-centered rodeos called shodeos. This is the perfect activity for kids and adults alike to showcase their newly-acquired skills by competing in friendly contests and events.

Enjoy Off-Ranch Activities

If your system is screaming for more, you can try other off-ranch activities. You can ask your concierge if they can hook you up with other activities within close proximity, such as golfing or hot air ballooning.

Experience all that your heart desires during your horseback riding vacation. There’s nothing like having a taste of real freedom to revitalize your mind so that you can get back to your daily routine refreshed and all set to face the challenges that life throws at you.


Wayne and his family are big fans of ranch resorts and always enjoy the activities that are available. Wayne visits The C Lazy U Guest Ranch & Resort when he decides to go on vacation with his family.

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