How Businesses Make Use of Cheap Social Media Influence

Your favorite brand may be exceptional for style, flavor or design. However, today’s question might be whether or not your favorite brand is socially active online. The use of social media in promoting products and companies has become extremely popular. Some companies have made better use of free social media opportunities than others. Social media activity doesn’t always translate into greater commerce, though some companies have effectively used avenues like Facebook to drive business. Some companies use their social media presence to promote causes. Others use this avenue to feel out customer sentiment for various types of products.

Social media interaction with brands and businesses spans a huge variety of interests. For example, Coca-Cola is a popular name in the soda pop world, and it ranks second in Facebook fans, only outranked by Facebook itself. It’s followed by MTV, Disney and Starbucks, each having a significantly different emphasis. You can evaluate how your favorite companies use their social media pages to interact, and you may be pleased to find some of your favorites in the top 20 list.

Source: Top Business Degrees

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