How much does it cost to power your home?

A recent report from the Energy Saving Trust has recently shed some light on how much it will be costing you to run the household appliances in your home. Did you know that on average a household will be spending more than £716 ($1159) to run just the basic items in your home that you use on a daily basis. Lets see the breakdown for the cost to power your home.

If you look at just the gadgets that you have in your lounge area (TV, games consoles, DVD players and hifi system) you could be spending nearly £400 ($647).

What does this tell us? That you need to be sitting back on the amount of gadgets that you use? That you need to invest in energy saving products? That you need to be thinking more carefully about when and for how long you run your gadgets?

In this infographic by Juice electrical Supplies you can see the numbers of the most common items broken down into a quick to read guide. You can easily use to see that you may be better off running your laptop rather than your desk top computer.

Similarly a simple change from standard lighting to energy saving lighting could have an impact on not only your carbon footprint but your wallet as well.

Data from the Energy Saving Trust and infographic by Juice Electrical Supplies

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