Hassle Free Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

For many people, pets are as much a part of the family as any child. When pet parents vacation, it is only natural for them to want their pets to come along. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to accomplish. Below are some tips for those who wish to take their beloved pet on vacation.

Determine how you will travel:

Before beginning preparation for your vacation, determine how you will travel. Traveling in a vehicle is typically easier on a pet than air travel. This is because, to airline companies, pets are often considered cargo and they treat them as such. There are a few exceptions, but you would need to check with the airline beforehand if having your pet in the cargo area is unfavorable. Because of airline restrictions, most pet parents choose to travel by car as this allows the freedom to make as many stops as needed.


If you have decided to travel by car, make your pet a care package to take along. Include a few favorite toys or blankets and some treats. Make sure you take bags for waste clean up, a leash and your pet’s medical documents. Having records of your pet’s medical history is a good idea in case they become injured or sick and need treatment while on vacation. It is also a good idea to make sure your pet is up-to-date on all their shots and treatments before leaving for vacation.

Another aspect that is important in preparing for a vacation with your pet is determining where you pet can and cannot go. Of course, you will need to stay at a pet friendly hotel. However, you also should call around to area businesses, restaurants and attractions to see if they allow pets. If you find there are places you would like to visit that do not allow pets, it is a good idea to check out the local pet sitting locations. This will allow you the freedom to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your pet’s well being.

Nowadays many people feel their pets are part of their family and wanting to bring them along on vacation is only a natural response to that feeling. Bringing a pet on vacation is a wonderful experience if it is well thought out and planned ahead of time. Thankfully, many vacation destinations are becoming more pet friendly in response to customer‘s expressed desire to bring their pets on vacation. The above tips will help those that wish to take their pets on vacation but are not sure what steps they should take to accomplish that goal.

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