5 Things We LOVE About Labor Day!

Da Vinci does BBQ
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Da Vinci’s home made kebabs

Labor day is yet another day where we all have a reason to play hookie, lol… I mean most of us don’t even know where it comes from… but we do have Matthew Maguire to thank for launching Labor day in 1882. With all the reasons to love this holiday we thought we’d share a few with you all, lol.

Reasons WE Love Labor Day

  1. NO WORK! I mean isn’t that the whole point?
  2. Sales! Sales! and More Sales!
  3. Football Season is BACK!
  4. For Parents, Kids Are Back In School, LOL
  5. Barbecues and Pool Parties – (Check Out Some Recipes In Our cooking section)


More Reasons To Love Labor Day

5 reasons to love Labor Day | USA NOW video by BNQT.com


What Are Your Plans For The Holiday?

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