The Size and Scope of Weddings Across The United States

Wedding expenses reached new heights in 2012 – in fact, as of last year, the average cost of a couple’s big day was at an all-time high of $28,427. Yes, that’s like spending a year of college tuition on 24 hours of “I do” festivities. While most will balk at that number and comparative spending power, the truth is that most couples end up spending far more than they ever imagined to realize the fairy tale wedding they’ve always dreamt of. And the wedding industry – and media – is responding in big ways. Weddings are a billion-dollar business in the United States, and it certainly shows in our popular culture. It’s hard to turn on your television without seeing a glimpse of a new wedding-themed show (especially on networks like TLC), and the emergence of so many programs like Say Yes to the Dress simply add fuel to the fire of a bride’s over-the-top vision for her big day. So just how big are the average American weddings? And do they have a budget price-tag to match? This infographic illustrates American weddings by the numbers. Ever wonder which region has the biggest weddings? The most expensive weddings? The most wedding businesses? My Glass Slipper did some research on wedding statistics in the United States and crunched the numbers to create an infographic that showcases the major market value and ever-growing influence of weddings.

The Size and Scope of Weddings Across The United States

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