Your Man’s Deepest Fantasy

Well ladies its that time of year again where you lose your man every sunday or monday night. Yep it’s FOOTBALL season and with the rise in Fantasy Football your man may be more into football than ever before. My first year doing Fantasy Football was last year, and I was HOOKED, all I could think about on Sundays, Mondays and sometimes Thursdays was how many points my team had and if I was getting beat. I was like a crack head asking to see the phone all the time to check on the Fantasy Football app to see my scores. With all that being said there’s really no reason for you to miss out on that time with your man, why not join a fantasy league together and get bragging rights for a whole year?! You can go to sites like Yahoo Sports or ESPN Sports and join the fantasy revolution and who knows it may even spice up your relationship.

Check Out A Few Fantasy Football Tips

2013 Fantasy Football Draft Video Strategy Guide: Top 10 Picks, Waiting Game, More by Rant Sports

How Are You Feeling About Your Picks?

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