Let’s All Head To…. Tokyo for The 2020 Summer Olympic Games!

It came down to 3 strong candidate cities for the 2020 Summer Olympic games Istanbul, Toyko and Madrid. In the end of the voting Saturday in Buenos Aires, Tokyo was voted to be the host. It was deemed a safest choice, especially with all the controversy in Syria, etc, but I’m still wondering about the radiation leaking from the Fukushima nuclear plant and rampant natural disasters that the city has been know to face. Tokyo is a gorgeous city though so I know they’ll put on a good show and leave as good an impression as the Tokyo 1964 Olympics.

The next few games are looking really exciting the 2016 Summer Olympics will be in Brazil. The Winter Olympics will be held in Russia in 2014 and South Korea in 2018 and so far I’m hearing that we might head back to the United States for 2024? Who knows, would be exciting and nerve wrecking lol… spoken from someone who was present for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Let the preparation and games BEGIN!

Take A Look At The Reaction & Excitement

Tokyo Awarded 2020 Olympics by associatedpress

What are your thoughts about this pick?

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