Fantasy Friday Week 1 Results: A Big Fat ZERO


So… the YLA25 Headhunters lost our first Fantasy Football game but not without a fight. After going down 91 to 0 after thursdays game I didn’t think we had a chance but by Sunday night we came storming back and were able to even things up at 314 to 314, with one more game to play on Monday Night Football. Once Monday rolled around we lost the battle and went down at 314 to 336. Tough to follow up that performance by Peyton Manning for sure.


Our player of the week was Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers who gave us 43 points and our Zero of the week was Julius Peppers of the Chicago Bears, He gave us a big fat ZERO, come on man you can do better that, lol. So with a 0-1 start lets see if we can get a win under our belt this week.

How Did You Do For Week 1?

Here Are The Results From Week 1’s Games

5 Fantasy Football Players to Drop After Week 1 by Rant Sports

So Who Will You Drop After Week 1 Of Fantasy Football?

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