What Recent Research of Alzheimer’s Shows

Alzheimer’s disease does not have a known cure, but researchers are working every day to slow down and eventually stop its development. Recent research shows a link between depression and cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s later in life. There are a variety of treatments available for those with depression and/or Alzheimer’s, such as medication or support groups that work to battle symptoms and slow down the disease. In addition to these methods, long-term care is used to help people with advanced stages to get necessary support and medical services. Non-drug approaches include sticking to a familiar daily routine, celebrating small successes and achievements, reassurance, exercise and more. With the right diagnosis and appropriate long-term care your loved one will be taken care of so you can rest easier at night. Learn more about how depression can lead to Alzheimer’s and see common symptoms of both by looking at the following infographic so you know when to talk with a doctor about the situation.

Created by Darrick Williams of LTC Tree, a nation-wide network of agents who work with all the major Long Term Care health Insurance companies.

Here’s Some Information For Dealing With Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Concerns

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Concerns by MonkeySee

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