6 Gifts Expecting Fathers Can Give To Their Pregnant Wife

Moms-to-be have a lot on their plates. Somewhere in between all of her normal activities, she has to fit in a flurry of checkups, classes and outfitting the baby’s room, all while dealing with the physical hardship of pregnancy. Lift your wife’s spirits by giving her one of these perfect gifts for expecting mothers.

1. Pregnancy Pillows

The bigger her belly gets, the more difficult it will be for Mom to sleep comfortably. Pregnancy pillows are designed to fit the body’s natural curves, providing support for both the back and belly. They also make nursing easier after the baby comes. Look for rounded pillows without defined edges for maximum comfort. Mom will appreciate a good night’s sleep! Being well-rested will help keep stress levels down and is good for the baby, too.

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2. Deluxe Hot/Cold Body and Neck Wraps

Your wife is carrying the weight of two bodies around every day, and the demands on her body can give her all-over aches and pains. Ease the pain from her weary muscles with a deluxe hot/cold pack for her back, shoulders and belly. These wraps, usually filled with buckwheat hulls or rice, are microwave and freezer-friendly. Look for lavender-infused packs for extra relaxation. You can also find hot/cold eye masks and slipper inserts.

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3. Maternity Leggings

Maximize Mom’s comfort with a pair of high-quality maternity leggings. Made of soft, knit fabrics, maternity leggings have a special waistband that can be worn over or under her belly bump. The fabric stretches to stay comfortable as the baby grows, and they look great with both casual and business outfits. She’s guaranteed to want more than one pair!

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4. Spa Foot Bath

Like the rest of her body, Mom’s feet are going to take a beating from the extra weight she’s carrying. Let her soak away the discomfort in a spa foot bath. Heat and water jets massage aching muscles and help improve circulation. Some models are designed to accommodate both her feet and her calves. A nightly foot bath can do wonders for her comfort and her mood. Just be ready to set it up for her when she needs it.

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5. Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy can be a miracle for a mom-to-be. It lowers stress, improves circulation, reduces pain and swelling and keeps Mom feeling limber. The baby will also enjoy the stress-reducing benefits. Studies have shown that reducing Mom’s stress hormones will a positive impact on the health of the newborn. Look for a private massage therapist that specializes in prenatal massage, and don’t hesitate to make multiple appointments!


6. All-Natural Beauty Products for Mom

Pregnancy can change the focus of a woman’s beauty routine. Pregnancy affects her body chemistry, changing her skincare needs, and stretch marks and chapped skin become a concern. Splurge on top-quality, all-natural beauty products designed just for moms and moms-to-be. All-natural formulations contain no chemicals that could harm your baby, and your wife will love the chance to play with her new products.

Combined with a date or a special meal at home, these gifts make a perfect surprise for your leading lady. It’s a great way to put a extra focus on your relationship and strengthen the sense of family your little one will become a part of.

Debbie Cannon has worked as nurse for the past 12 years. She uses compression leggings every day to reduce discomfort, and she highly recommends using maternity compression leggings like those found at RUPreggers.com during pregnancy.

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