10 Of The Most Romantic Wedding Proposals

To be ranked as one of the top most romantic wedding proposals you have to have the following things: creativity, a lot of time planning and an element of surprise. We have searched and found 10 of the most romantic wedding proposals. Whether you proclaim your love for her in front of the whole world or in the privacy of your own world, you can’t go wrong with the following proposals:

10 Of The Most Romantic Wedding Proposals
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1. Singing and acting out “your song”

Lovers didn’t serenade their love ones for nothing. Get your friends or family together and work out a whole choreographed dance to which they can dance to while you sing “your song”: a song that each couple has that defines the moment they first fell in love.

Creativity: Judging on who you ask to participate and on the choreography shows how much creativity you’ve put into it. Sing and act out “your song”. Choosing a public space that you enjoy going to.

Time/planning: Planning and rehearsing the song/dance routine without her knowledge of it and getting her to go to a place and surprising her.

It is romantic, because…

You’re willing to make a complete fool of yourself in front of complete strangers. Your beloved will be so surprised she won’t know what to say or how to react. This wedding proposal shows spontaneity and to what lengths you’ll go for her.


2. Art on beach with question

Write out a message or the big question in the sand on the beach. You can accompany it with drawings or an intricate art pattern.

Creativity: Write out a special message or poem and drawing. Take your beloved to your favourite beach spot and surprise her with this.

Time/planning: Yould should plan this to a T if you want it to work. The best time and place to do it is on the hard formed sand at low tide. But depending on the art and question you want to use: you’ll need enough time to make the art and show your beloved without the sea ruining the art.

It is romantic, because… it shows her you’re not afraid what the world thinks and that you will do anything for her to make her feel special.


3. Advert in local newspaper

If you have a friend that owes you a favour, place an advert in the local newspaper.

Creativity: Your creativity can be judged on what wording you use, how big the ad is and where you place the ad.

Time/planning: Place the ad in a newspaper she actually reads.

It is romantic, because… it shows that you want to share your love for her with the rest of the community.


4. Illegal stopping traffic

A man in America got all his biker friends together and stopped traffic to pop the question.

Creativity: Where and how you stop the traffic: on the highway or just a busy street.

Time/planning: Works if you can pull it off without being arrested.

It is romantic, because… Nothing is more romantic than showing her that you’re willing to put your reputation and life on the line for her.


5. On a mountain top

Get down on one knee while having a spectacular view.

Creativity: Choosing an unusual spot to propose.

Time/planning: Decide where you want to ask her. You can go on a hiking trip or take a cable car. Find a remote spot to do her the honours.

It is romantic, because… Being proposed to on a mountain top with magnificent views creates a very romantic atmosphere. Show her you’ll be on top of the world if she answers yes.


6. Using Social media

A man named Len Kendall created a blog that read: “Help me to convince Katie to say “Yes!”. He also used Twitter to propose to her: Twitter hashtag “#sayyesKatie”

Creativity: Deciding which social media you’ll make use of: Facebook, Twitter, blogs.

Time/planning: Designing the blog and creating a following.

It is romantic, because… Proclaiming your love for her on social media is something you can never erase.


7. Scavenger hunt

Send her on a scavenger hunt and propose to her when she gets the last clue.

Creativity: Ask her to meet you at your favourite spot and instead of meeting you there arrange for someone to give her the first clue.

Time/planning: planning and working out the scavenger hunt with clues relating to your relationship. Asking people to hand over clues at the spots where you’ll be sending her.

It is romantic because… Being playful and spontaneous. Dragging out the suspension and expectation.


8. Engagement ring on display at museum or art show

Take her to a museum or art show where her engagement ring will be on display.

Creativity: Choosing the museum or art show that suits your personalities.

Time/planning: asking permission to create a stand where you can place the engagement ring. Ask someone you can trust to make sure nothing happens to it.

It is romantic, because… it will be totally unexpected to ask her in such a public place. Creating a special memory at a place which you can revisit on your anniversary.


9. Simple deception

One guy pretended to trip on the stairs on the way to their apartment. When his beloved turned around to ask if he was okay she found him on one knee proposing to her.

Creativity: Being simple and private. You don’t have to go to great lengths to propose to her. Acting as if you tripped on the stairs.

Time/planning: Decide where and how you want to propose to her.

It is romantic, because… She will not see it coming and will totally forgive you for it.


10. Dangerous stunt

Take a leap of faith. Particularly for adventurous couples.

Creativity: Depending on what stunt or activity you’ll do together. Skydiving, bungee jumping, jumping out of an aeroplane.

Time/planning: Planning the trip without her knowing about it.

It is romantic, because… it will make her heart pounding harder fearing for your safety. Make her think or believe that she might lose you and make her realise she cannot live without you.


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