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Dogs are our family members, often times I look at my dogs Hazel and Khloe and they give those puppy eyes when I'm eating… at the moment, I have to FIGHT my inner sap not to give them a taste.  With that said, that does present the question is it fair that we eat such delectable food and they're served the same mundane dish day after day?  

ALPO dog food, food for dogs
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After much thought I've always looked for different ways to spice up my furry little sister and furry niece's food.  In addition to spicing it up it's about choosing tasty AND nutritious dog food too.  Recently I came across information about ALPO® dog food and I thought I would give it a try and get my dog's "drool of approval" LOL.  First I'd like to tell you a bit about ALPO® and then over the next few weeks we'll have Khloe do the taste test!

Toy Poodle Khloe will be trying ALPO dog food
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ALPO® dog food uses quality ingredient to promote the health and happiness of your dog, after all we all know that having a healthy dog mean having a happy dog… which in turn = a happy family.  Using healthy protein sources, wholesome grains and vegetables  ALPO® is good for dogs of any age.  Your dog will be sure to have strong bones, teeth and a shiny coat you can be proud of.  Check out the ALPO'S HOMEPAGE for more information about their dog food options.


Watch How Happy Starts Here With ALPO®


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