Google-ing Love: Follow These Top Five Tips For Success

Reminiscing about the old days when men would climb balconies and sing songs aloud to win our hearts? It seems that the good ole days are gone. You know, the times when men would take all of the initiative get down on bended knee and whip out a Tiffany blue box on a whim. Times have changed. If you want romance sometimes you will need to take the initiative. What better way to take control of than your love life? Since men can’t be found using love-binoculars, lets Google them instead.

Google-ing Love: Follow These Top Five Tips For Success
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1. Physical Beauty Hoax:

People go on and on about how bad their experience was via online dating and it’s true. Almost 60% people have horrible online dating experiences but 40% of shrewd people are successful in meeting their other halves and are living happily ever after because they try to first get a general perception of the person’s personality instead of relying solely on a picture. Don’t swoon over pictures because we are living in a Photoshop era. Look, read and learn about the person behind the picture.


2. Say No to Online Conversations:

Online conversations are one of the main evils of broken relationships. Let’s say you like a guy, his personality is giving you good vibes, his hobbies don’t seem made up and he has a decent face as well, then don’t under any circumstance spend too much time talking to him online. This is because online messaging would create a plethora of high expectations. These expectations are never good as they could set you up for disappointment. Realize that nobody is as amazing as we make them out to be. Physics always taught me the importance of human error. So you should keep it in mind here as well. So even after you’ve checked out your online dating site at Go beyond the online convo and try to converse on the phone before meeting in person.


3. Take Your Conversation to the Streets:

Literally. Don’t go around telling each other your deepest secrets online. Make a date and then talk because as I mentioned, online personas differ from the offline personas. So he might just be acting tolerantly-sweet while you are pouring your heart out to him. Another important consideration that affects the relationship is that online you can’t judge a person by his facial expressions or other actions but you can do this on a date. Make sure that you are working towards a meeting while getting to know your beau online.

4. Keep it Simple & Don’t Be a Hypocrite:

Everyone gets annoyed when the person you’re interested in (online, obviously) doesn’t turn out to be who you thought he was and we’re talking about everything here. From physical looks to where he studied. If you condemn this behavior then it is your responsibility as a loyal member of the online dating world, to not be a fraud either. Don’t Photoshop your picture or exaggerate your skills and hobbies. Keep it simple. Keep it real.


5. Spending on the Dating:

If things are going well on the phone and in your meetings, don’t limit yourself to just one date. The first date is meant to evolve around awkwardness and for some, shyness. It will take time for you to get comfortable with the other person and that’s when the real sparks happen. So don’t go moaning if your first date didn’t turn out so well; it happens to all of us. Take a chance and ask for a couple more. Your date may feel the exact same way.

These are a few tips that should get you swimming along and navigating the dating seas. If you’re still dubious about this whole online dating thing, why not just give it a go and jump right on in? What is the worst that might happen? There’s a real chance that you could find the man of your dreams. Stop waiting for Prince Charming to come up to you with a glass slipper. Don’t be shy to take the initiative. Put your glass slippers on and go find him.


John Miller is currently blogging for Doctor Date. He enjoys offering tips on online dating, relationships, and how to make your online dating profile amazing.

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