Divorce Survival Guide For Women: What You Should Know Before Filing A Divorce

Did you know that in the United States, at least two-thirds of divorces were filed by women? According to one researcher, in 25% of marriage problems, men usually have no clue that there was a problem until their spouse asks for a divorce. In addition, women also experience more happiness and undergo less depression than men after getting divorced. Unfortunately, the fact remains that filing and going through the process of separation will initially be hard for both partners.

Anyone who has filed and gone through the divorce process can honestly tell you that it was not easy. Tensions will run high and a lot of married couples make bad decisions because they are unable to properly think it through. To that end, there are certain things that the parties involved must know before filing a divorce. If you are contemplating divorce, here are a few things you and your husband should know.

Divorce Survival Guide For Women: What You Should Know Before Filing A Divorce
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Put Safety First

Before you file for a divorce, you must evaluate the risk of family violence during initial separation. Although you believe that your husband won’t turn violent, keep in mind that marriage dissolution can provoke any man. To that end, you need to have a safety plan for yourself and for your children. As a tip, you need to look for relatives or friends who can provide you and your children a safe place where you can stay until things have settled down.

If you have experienced abuse from your husband in the past, you must be extra careful. You might need to obtain a protective or restraining order. If family violence occurred in the past, the court may grant you with temporary, emergency protective order so that you and your children are protected from your husband.

Be Aware Of Your Financial Status

Before you go, you must first make an inventory of your assets and liabilities. You should know how much you owe and how much you actually have. In addition, you must also have copies of your important financial documents, and this includes the following:

  • Bank statements
  • Investment account and financial statements
  • Tax returns and property tax statements
  • House closing documents
  • Insurance statements
  • Credit card statements

Keep these financial documents in a safe location outside your home. Doing so will help protect your marital estate and possessions from being wasted by your husband.

Temporary Orders Can Have Lasting Consequences

The first step in the divorce process is filing a “Petition for Divorce”. In most cases, along with the Petition comes the request of a temporary restraining order, ex parte, and other temporary orders.

The purpose of the temporary restraining orders is to prohibit your husband from certain tasks that can result in violence towards you or your children, dissipation of the community estate, or the intervention of child custody. The court may order the following:

  • The parties must provide a sworn inventory and appraisement of their properties
  • The spouse must pay certain debts
  • An award of exclusive use of the family home to a spouse
  • Grant full child custody to a spouse

Keep in mind that the divorce process can last for several months; thus, you and your lawyer must properly present your case during the temporary orders hearing. In addition, you need to remember that temporary orders also establish a guide that can affect future settlement negotiations, and the judge may also use it as a guide during the final hearing.

These are just a few things you should know when you are thinking of filing a divorce. Keep in mind that divorce is a very complex process that can be legally, financially, and emotionally draining. To help you navigate through this complicated process, you must seek legal advice from a credible lawyer.

This guest post is written by Kris Bennette. She is a blogger who offers relationship advice for women.

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