Interested in Trying Juicing: Get the Facts

Want to try juicing? Juicing has been a favorite healthy activity for many – from the young to the young-at-heart. More and more are turning to juicing, whether they just want to enjoy a glass of fresh squeezed juice with their breakfast or to help stay healthy.

Juicing has many fans, especially when it comes to weight loss. The recent documentary (2010) Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead shows Australian Joe Cross change his health by going on a 90-day juice fast. He travels across America while embarking on his fast. Cross loses weight and makes a deeper commitment to his overall health. Fans of juicing often point to this documentary as proof that juicing properly can change your life.

Juicing “properly” however is the key to success. Juicing, like anything, is best when done in moderation. Those who have done extreme weight loss regimens by using juice fasts have gotten poor results. While they have initially lost pounds, it has not gotten them the success they have wanted. At first glance, juicing looks healthy, as you take in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants from the fruits & vegetables that you juice. But those who want to lose weight should consider a moderate approach to help use this in a weight loss routine.

Many find juicing helpful if they have trouble getting in their “5 a day” or if their kids just don’t like fruits & veggies. Somehow kids are more likely to drink orange and carrot juice than to eat carrots or an orange on their plate. It may be the fun of preparing the juice or the fact that a glass of juice is quick to drink. But Moms are thrilled to see kids getting their fruits & veggies.

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