5 Survivors Share #Cancer Stories in New Film “The Cause Is The Cure” Check It Out Oct. 5th

For many, talking about cancer still only happens in whispered tones. As if saying the word makes you more likely to get it.

Of course, that’s not true. While there is a small portion of cancers (5-10 percent) that are genetic, the vast majority of cancer cases develop from environmental factors.[1,2] There is a 41 percent chance that you or someone you know will have to deal with cancer in your life. One in 3 women battle some form of cancer, and for men those already frightening odds balloon to 50 percent.[3,4] Change your environment, though, and you reduce your chances. It’s that simple.

A new film tells the true stories of five people who have successfully overcome cancer diagnoses without chemotherapy or radiation. On October 5, “The Cause is the Cure” will premiere at more than 450 Maximized Living locations throughout the United States and Canada.

In the film, patients who were diagnosed with—and subsequently overcame—cancer explain their fears, decisions and other experiences while fighting the notorious disease without the use of conventional medical therapies.

“I was given one year to live if I didn’t choose to do chemotherapy or radiation,” said Andrea Thompson, founder of Moving Beyond Ministries and cervical cancer survivor. “After learning the principles of Maximized Living, I knew I was in the right place.”

Maximized Living created the 5 Essentials system to simplify the complex concept of health, so everyday people could improve their quality of life relatively quickly and then understand how to stay well for life. Specifically, the 5 Essentials address stress, nutrition, fitness, nerve supply and toxicity.

“The Cause is the Cure” offers cancer-killing strategies to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of health. Powered by the 5 Essentials, this film empowers people to make sustainable lifestyle changes that will have an immense positive impact on their health without of demanding a drastic lifestyle overhaul.

“Research has shown that you can reduce your chances of getting cancer as well as dramatically increase your chance of overcoming it if you’re dealing with this disease already,” said Dr. Ben Lerner, New York Times best-selling author and co-founder of Maximized Living. “By making proactive, intelligent lifestyle changes, the average person can significantly reduce their risk of contracting this notorious disease.”

Showings of the film will coincide with Maximized Living’s official makeover-style event entitled, “Be a Cancer Killer.” This event is open to the public and will demonstrate how people everywhere can utilize the 5 Essentials to boost quality of life and avoid illness.

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