5 Of The Worst Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Fancy dress is supposed to be funny, not offensive, but it’s easy to get it wrong and wear a costume that insults rather than amuses. If you’ve got a costume party coming up then make sure you avoid these five terrible costume ideas that could land you in hot water.

5 Of The Worst Adult Halloween Costume Ideas
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Unless your friends are all uber-ironic hipsters, then don’t do Nazi! Prince Harry kindly showed us what not to wear when he was captured for all time in full Nazi regalia at some posh event. Whilst the toffs may have guffawed, the nation certainly did not! WWII may have been a long time ago but that doesn’t make it any less awful, so don’t dress up as a Nazi please!


Muslim Figures

In Islam, pictures of Allah or Mohammed are strictly forbidden. In fact, it’s not really acceptable to use pictures to depict any part of the religion, so don’t dress up as a Muslim figure as it could cause extreme offence. We’ve all seen ‘hilarious’ pics of people dressed as Abu Hamza, Osama Bin Laden and other scary men – in some circles, even dressing up as a terrorist complete with bomb vest is considered funny. However, anyone with a modicum of morality will just find it horrible.



Believe it or not, people do choose to dress up as giant man or lady parts. Not only is it revolting to look at, it also really rubs people up the wrong way (no pun intended). When you go to a party you don’t really know who’ll be there or who you’ll encounter on the way so if you don’t want an angry visit from your neighbour after you accidentally traumatise their child when they glimpse you dressed as a giant frou frou, then leave your genitals in your trousers.



Incredibly, dressing as poo is quite a popular costume idea. I can’t fathom why, but whatever the reasons, it’s best avoided. Whilst you might not have a problem with poo, many people don’t want to think about it, let alone look at someone who’s dressed as it. Besides, poo is just a brown blob so not only could a poo costume be offensive, it’s also pretty dull and unimaginative. Oh, and don’t dress up as a toilet either (yep, that’s right, you really can buy specially-made toilet costumes on the web). It’s vile and you’ll be very hot after about ten minutes.


Cell Block Psycho Adult Plus Costume
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Dressing as a criminal is a hard one, because some might be funny, whilst others just aren’t. If you must dress as a criminal then choose a fictional one like Hannibal Lecter, not a real one like Charles Manson. Even if your criminal of choice has been dead for years, it doesn’t diminish what they did and many people would be very upset if you dressed up as a person responsible for murders or other terrible acts. Anyway, most famous criminals just look like people, whereas baddies from the movies have much better wardrobes!

Julie Hinson, a keen fancy-dresser and self-confessed party animal, is the Operations Director at Partyman, a UK-based online retailer that stocks an enormous range of partyware and accessories for passionate event-planners.


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