Khole Gives ALPO® Dog Food Her Drool Of Approval! #SP

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food. All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Starts With Alpo - Khloe trying Alpo Dog Food
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Recently we share with you the health benefits that ALPO® dog food has for your furry family member, you can check out that post here if you missed it.   ALPO® makes their dog food with your pooch in mind, it's made to promote healthy teeth, strong bones and a shiny coat that you'll be happy to show off.  Another great thing to consider is that since ALPO® uses healthy protein sources, wholesome grains AND vegetables; it's good for dogs of any age so it's a food they can grow with.  You can see more information about ALPO® dog food on ALPO'S HOMEPAGE.

With all this awesome information, we couldn't  just TELL you about it we made sure to have Khloe give it a taste so you can see how much she loved it.  


Check out our video of Khloe trying ALPO® dog food below



As you can see Khloe could hardly wait to dig in!  She definitely gave ALPO® dog food's Homestyle beef Prime cuts gravy cravers her drool of approval.  As humans we get to eat different foods each day, it's time we allow our furry family members to have a lot more variety in their food too.  ALPO® has a ton of options to choose from whether it's dry food or wet, check out ALPO’s Facebook Page for more information and cute pics and stories of other dog.


At the end of the day always remember a healthy dog IS a happy dog,

with ALPO® Happy Starts Here™

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