Men Vs Women – Battle Of Spending Habits (Infographic)

When you think about the battle of the sexes when it comes to shopping, who do you think are the biggest spenders, men or women?

This Infographic into the spending habits between men and women in the UK provides an interesting insight into gender differences when it comes to shopping – especially in terms of what we buy and how much we spend.

During a time of austerity, you might expect spending to drop, but this Infographic shows some very interesting stats relating to credit card spending, as well as debt levels by household, location and gender.

This Infographic from Baines and Ernst certainly makes for some very interesting reading and the results may just surprise you.

Do you have preconceived ideas about the top five items bought by men and woman or who has the most debt caused by spending habits?

Take a look and see if your expectations are right…


Men Vs Women – Battle Of Spending Habits

Baines & Ernst is a financial solutions provider who helps people throughout the UK clear debt and get back in control of their finances.

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