Fantasy Friday: Week 5 Results- Bitter Sweet Victory

Yes, We won another game and beat the undefeated team in our divison. We are now 2-3 and still holding the number three spot within the division. If all the balls fall in the right place, we will be tied for second or one game out of first place. But we need WIN WIN WIN to solve our problems.

Fantasy Friday: Week 5 Results- Bitter Sweet Victory
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With all that being said, we lost ANOTHER player. That makes 3 players for us that had season ending injuries. This time it was our number one receiver AND the number one leading receiver in the NFL Julio Jones with a foot fracture (still Rise Up Falcons!). That’s a big loss for the team but I think we can over come it with our new additions.

NFL Fantasy Football Atlanta Falcons
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This year has been a big hit for injuries for everyone in the NFL, there have been a lot season ending injuries mostly all below the waist. Makes you wonder if the NFL should think at least lower the fines on hits to the head or really look into hits to the head. I think they should only be fined if it’s a hit to the head on purpose because it almost impossible not to have some kind of head contact in football. So the question is, should we have more season ending or career ending injuries to the head or ease up on the fines and make it mandatory that a player sit out for 2 weeks after a concussion? Just a thought…

So our player of the week was Daryl Washington of the Arizona Cardinals with 46 points.

Player of the week Daryl Washington of Arizona Cardinals NFL
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The zero of the the week was Robert McClain of the Atlanta Falcons with a big total of 3 points. Way to go you big stud lol. Come on man you can do better than that.

Let’s See Who We’re Picking Up For Week 6

Fantasy Waiver Pickups for Week 6 by Rant Sports

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