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Chihuahua Is Wearing Devil Suit
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A lot of people enjoy dressing their pets up in different costumes for many different reasons. Some people do not have children and dressing up their pets allows them to go door to door for treats. Some people will actually encourage a trick instead of a treat if it is performed by a pet.



Dressing Up Pets Is Easy

Many people treat their pets as their own children. They care for them and provide them with shelter, food and water. It only makes sense to dress them up for Halloween so that they can enjoy the experience. People are spending a record amount of money on dressing their pets up each year. It has totaled over $350 million already and the number is expected to increase each year. Pet owners will find that dressing up their pets is much easier than trying to dress up their children. The reasons might include:

  • Cheaper
  • No fussing that a tag is itching
  • Will always like the costume

Dorothy Pet Costume
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Criticism By The Public

Some people might not like animals. They might have had a bad experience with an animal in the past and can never trust them like they once had. These people wish that owners would just leave their pets at home during this fun holiday. If they have children, they do not want dogs and cats jumping up on their children while they are out on their nightly stroll. A lot of people find that dressing up pets is a waste of time and money. There could be any number of reasons why these people might have a conflict with dressing up pets for the season. They might include:

  • Animal cruelty
  • Halloween is for the children
  • Jealousy


Zelda French Maid Pet Costume
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For Those That Enjoy Dressing Their Pets

For the people that do not care what others think, there are many outfits that are just as cute on a puppy or kitten as there are for kids. There are even contests that are held each year that judge pets based on their cuteness and originality. There are some contests that might judge exotic animal costumes like a monkey or a lizard.

Making a costume from scratch is always the best way to get a good reputation for dressing a pet. Most stores will not have costumes for a 3 foot lizard or a 4 foot tall monkey. Some stores will, but most costume stores are only looking to stock costumes for dogs and cats. Most people will agree that a Pug would look cute in just about anything. Dressing a Pug up as a lobster and taking a picture of him or her next to a bucket of butter is the cutest thing in the world. Some pets are allowed to go into Denver Haunted Houses, but could get lost easily in there. The top rated haunted houses will have rules regarding pets posted on a sign some place.


Avoiding Mistakes While Dressing Up A Pet

Most people will make a few mistakes while dressing up their pet for Halloween. Some get too carried away with the notion that dressing up a pet is cute and funny. They take it to extreme levels sometimes and this can cause animal protestors to act. Spray painting a dog’s coat is animal cruelty. Even if regular spray paint is not used, it is still frowned upon by most people. Cats are like children when owners try to dress them up. They do not like it very much.

Dressing up a pet for Halloween night is something that a lot of owners enjoy doing. It is only when it stirs up controversy that it can get out of hand. Being responsible for the pet is the biggest thing to keep in mind.

Austin works for Denver Haunted House 13th Door. A huge fan of all things scary, Halloween and haunted houses, October is my Christmas! Outside of the Haunted Houses you’ll find me at home helping my beautiful wife relax, playing with my two wonderful kids and messing around on my nerd podcast, “I Am A Super Nerd.”

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