Know The Signs of Stroke (Infographic)

This is an Infogram explaining how to know the three signs of stroke and follow up in calling the United Kingdom’s emergency number. The FAST test is a simple and fast way to diagnose stroke. This infographic aims to raise awareness of this method. It gives a clear graphical way to know the signs of stroke.

Signs of Stroke
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(call 911 in the United States)


The fast test combines looking for signs in the Face, Arms and Speech


Certain parts of the population in the UK are more susceptible to suffering a stroke. A common misconception is that they affect just adults but they are also common in children.

You can reduce your risk of stroke

Your chances of having a stroke reduce if you understand the risks and take action to prevent a stroke happening. This can be achieved by just maintaining a gentle exercise routine and eating a more healthy diet. For more information on preventing stroke see Top Tips To Reduce Your Chances of Stroke.

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