5 Unique Celebrity Halloween Costumes

You spend hours every year planning the perfect Halloween costume and running around town to buy the right accessories. Whether you hit every party in a 20-block radius, or you hand out candy to the kids in the neighborhood, you want a costume that grabs the attention of others and makes them stop and take notice. With the best celebrity Halloween costumes, you can look like your favorite star no matter where you go this year, and you can find the right accessories easily without racing around town.

Jessica Simpson

When you head to the top Denver haunted houses this year, why not take a page from Jessica Simpson’s playbook? Originally known for her singing and acting, Simpson is now the spokesperson for Weight Watchers. As long as you have a long curly haired blonde wig and a big purse, you can look just like Simpson. Take things a step further by recreating her pregnancy announcement photo. Simpson went all out with a mummy costume, and you can do the same thing. Add a fake bump, and wrap yourself in some white bandages.

Womens Mummy Costume - Mummy Costumes
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Daft Punk

Daft Punk made headlines in 2013 when the duo finally released an image that showed themselves walking around without their masks, but you’ll get more looks when you visit the best haunted houses if you wear the masks. Pair a black suit with a white button up shirt, a black tie and a pair of black Converse shoes, and cover your face with a whacky black mask. Bonus points if you convince a buddy to hit the best haunted houses in Denver dressed like you.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel looks like the type of woman who would feel at home hitting the top rated haunted houses, and you can look just like her. Best known for her quirky sense of humor and her hit show “The New Girl,” she often wears simple clothing and unusual accessories. Rock your own inner quirky girl with dark tights, a polka dotted dress and a pair of simple colorful flats. Grab your guitar to recreate her look from the cotton commercials.

Honey Boo Boo

Love her or hate her, everyone knows Honey Boo Boo. Just because she’s a little girl doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a Honey Boo Boo costume when you head out to the scariest haunted houses. Start with a frilly dress like you might wear to prom, and pair the dress with ruffled ankle socks. A pair of sequined heels or flats covered in glitter will help you recreate the look she wears at pageants. Don’t forget to grab a fake crown and sash to show that you’re a winner.

Beaded Crown Lavender Tiara
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Tom Cruise

Make an impression when you visit haunted houses in Denver by making your own Tom Cruise costume. All you need is a dark outfit and a leather jacket. Wear a pair of dark washed jeans with a navy blue tee shirt and a pair of dark leather shoes. Your leather jacket and aviator shades complete the look. Make your costume a little more humorous by adding a shackle to one leg with a sign indicating where Katie Holmes once stood or a doll with a Suri name tag attached. Don’t forget to jump up and down on any couches you pass and talk about Scientology with random people.
Halloween is the perfect time to visit the top haunted houses in Denver, and if you love scary haunted houses, you can wear these fun celebrity costumes to those haunted houses. These costumes are also great for getting a laugh out of the parents walking around your neighborhood and from your friends at the top parties of the season.

Justin loves all things Halloween, even working at the best Haunted House in Colorado the 13th Door. October is my Christmas and you’ll find me touring all the different Haunted Houses. But outside of all things scary you can find me at the local pub watching baseball. Look me up on Facebook.

Halloween Costumes Your Fave Celebs Have Worn

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