Fantasy Friday: Week 7 – The Beat Down

Fantasy Friday: Week 7 - The Beatdown
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Injuries finally got the best of us in week 7. We had 2 players leave the game early again, due to injury. Which caused us to get beat down 195 – 346 after putting up our lowest total, of the 2013 Fantasy Football Season. At this point, I’m looking to trade players but I don’t think I will get much for hurt players unless their big name is good enough for someone to fall for a trade. We still sit in third which is about the only good thing that happened in week 7, because no one under us won either. It’s starting to look like we are the best of the worst teams.

As we continue to fight to the top all we can ask for is all help from the Northside Division, to beat the leaders in our division, as we start playing games against Northside.

Our player of the week was Reshad Jones of Miami Dolphins with 35 points.

player of the week, Reshad Jones of Miami Dolphins NFL Football
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The Zero of the week Desmond Bryant of Cleveland Browns with 3 points. Come big guy you can do better than that.

zero of the week, Desmond Bryant of Cleveland Browns
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