Concerts of Past and Present: World Tours Of The Ages

Justin Timberlake returns to the stage for the first time in 6 years performing alongside Jay-Z and kicking off their Legends of the Summer Tour this coming July. After a few hit movies these past years, a regular appearance on SNL, and an impromptu marriage, JT finally returns to what we love him for best—his musical performance. Rihanna also has one of her biggest years ahead of her as she continues performing for 2013 with her Diamonds World Tour, which began early March. See her perform in the U.S. until early May, when she’ll be making her appearance on multiples stages throughout Europe for the summer.

Take a look at this informative infographic on these performances and more, including Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber, along with some oldies like Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi, and The Rolling Stones. Don’t miss out on catching some tickets — grab your friends and head in line!

The dating infographic was created by Nick B., an avid concert and theater goer to inform people about summer concerts.

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