Plant of Life (Coconut Uses) Infographic

To many cultures in Asia and the Pacific, the coconut tree provides numerous means to live. It provides nutritious food (in the form of coconut milk, coconut water, etc.), sturdy materials for shelter and furniture, or even attractive materials for crafts. Cultivating coconut trees is also a sustainable practice. It is not a mystery why the coconut tree is referred to as the “plant of life.”

Unfortunately, in the Western world, there is very little knowledge about the coconut because the fruit is not a traditional part of their diet, and there are only a few that offer them in Western countries.

Of course, it’s never too late to learn about this miraculous fruit. This infographic provides precious information on the many uses and benefits of coconut trees in various countries all over the world. Feel free to share this to your friends and loved ones for them to discover these precious benefits.

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The coconut tree has more benefits than just bearing the coconut fruit. Discover more by reading this infographic on the cooking, personal care, household, and industrial benefits of coconut.

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