How to Find the Best Cyber Monday Online Shopping Deals #CyberMonday #BlackFriday

If you are tired of fighting crowds in stores, waiting in long lines in the cold in the middle of the night, and having to scramble for certain items before they sell out, it might be time to consider retiring from Black Friday shopping and try Cyber Monday shopping instead. You can get deals that are just as good as Black Friday deals all without leaving the comfort of your home. You just need to know where to find them.

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Look for Sale Adverts

Every Thanksgiving you likely get a newspaper that is one of the biggest newspapers of the year due to all the adverts that are stuffed inside them. These are Black Friday adverts proclaiming the huge savings that will be available in the wee morning hours of the next day. First check these adverts to see if any retailers have included their online prices in the adverts, as you may find some good deals there. However, to get the scoop on which online stores will have the best sales on Cyber Monday, you need to check online adverts. Most retailers will either post an ad to their homepage, or email one to their loyal customers. To make sure you get a copy of this sale ad, sign up for notification emails from your favorite online stores and the ones you want to shop at on Cyber Monday. There are lots of advantages attached to signing up for these customer loyalty emails, and you might find out about a sale that won’t be made public until the day the sale begins. This can help you to plan your shopping priority list for Cyber Monday.

Find Online Coupons

Another way to find big savings on Cyber Monday is to look for online coupons. These are often called promotion codes or promo codes. Many sites will advertise these before Cyber Monday, so keep a list of them handy for when you start your shopping. You’ll have to shop online quickly as, even though there won’t by physical crowds, there will be thousands of people shopping online. So make sure you hurry before items sell out. For example, if you have a Macy’s promo code 20% off for your entire purchase, and you know that you want to shop at Macy’s first on Cyber Monday, make sure you have that promo code at the top of your list. Signing up for email notifications can also alert you to promo codes ahead of time, so make sure you sign up. These emails can sometimes even include promo codes that aren’t made available to people who aren’t on the list, so make sure you get an edge on the best deals out there. Online shopping on Cyber Monday can be just as hectic as Black Friday shopping, so make sure you know which sites you plan to shop at ahead of time, and that you organize all your information and coupon codes before the sales launch. You’ll still have to stay up very late or wake up very early, but at least you won’t have to leave the house.

Have Fun & Happy Shopping!

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