Locating A Job When Pregnant: Getting Over The Bump Hump

Though many people pride themselves on their impeccable timing, life doesn’t always abide by those rules.

Sometimes timing can be a little skewed, and sometimes it happens that even though the timing of a pregnancy may be just fine, but the fact that you’re locating a job when pregnant isn’t ideal.

Unfortunately, despite all of the current pregnancy discrimination laws, employers may still take a look at pregnant woman interviewing for a job and decide on the other candidate. That’s one reason you always have to be playing you’re A-game during your entire job hunting process.

Whether you have recently been laid off, are unhappy with your current position, or are looking to have an extra income to help raise your baby, it may be time to do a little soul searching about what kind of job you’d like and how it will impact your pregnancy and new baby.

You even may decide to wait a bit for that new job if it is financially practical; you’ve got quite a few changes ahead of you already.


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To Tell Or Not To Tell

If you are determined to find a new job, however, go for it.

If you are far enough along in your pregnancy that it shows, you are faced with the decision of when/if to tell your potential employer.

Because of the new laws, you can’t be asked about it or your future plans, and you can’t be discriminated against it, but often it is prudent to disclose your pregnancy. You want to start off your new job under honest circumstances and you don’t want anyone to think you are hiding something.

Sure, you can wait until the interview is farther along; there’s no really to discuss it early on. If you aren’t showing yet, you may choose not to bring it up at all and wait until you are settled in your new position.


Have a Glowing Resume

Just like during any other job search, you need to make your resume stands out.

This job is about you, not your pregnancy, so go after it just as you would any other time. Your pregnancy will only last months, this job could last many, many years.

Be sure to include achievements and relevant work history on your resume; you may even want to have a professional resume writer to help you out. After all, the resume is the first impression.


Beneficial Benefits

Once the process is underway, try to check into the medical benefit package you will be offered.

You’ll want to find out about prenatal care before you accept any offer. If you are planning on taking time off when the baby is born, try to find out about maternity leave as well.

You may not qualify for maternity leave, but maybe you can work something out with personal days/short time disability or something else. That’s one reason you may want to disclose your pregnancy upfront.

Other than those things, just consider yourself during the interview process.

Finding a new job is stressful, and you want to take care of yourself during your pregnancy so make sure you balance your job search with treating yourself well.

If sitting in traffic going to an interview is too much for you, try to schedule interviews with this in mind. If you know you are exhausted at 3 p.m., maybe try to get those interviews in the morning when you’re fresher.

Doing what is best for your family, you and the new baby is a smart decision.

If it’s time for a job change now, then by all means, look into it. You can always put it on hold, though, if it gets to be too much during this time.

Otherwise, you may just find the perfect job right in the midst of your pregnancy!

About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who covers topics ranging from resume help and job searching to social media and Walmart.

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