Miss Independent: Five Things Every Woman Should Learn to Do

Gone are the days when a woman had to wait for a man to do just about everything that didn’t involve cooking and cleaning. Such dependence has left a lot of women in the lurch when the man in question was no longer available, either because he left, died or even went on a business trip. Here are five things that as a female, you should learn how to do whether single or not.


Manage Money

Of all the things that women used to leave to men, managing the family finances was right at the top of the list. Even a single woman might give over responsibility of her money to a male relative just because he’s a man and should know something about money. You need to be able to read and understand your bank statements, know how to balance your checkbook and just keep a weather eye on your money. Learn to keep a monthly budget and plan your bills and extra spending accordingly.

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Maintain the Car

The reputation that women have for not knowing anything about cars is so notorious that both new and used car salesmen and auto mechanics take advantage of it regularly. You should not only know how to change a flat tire for an emergency, but change the oil filter, the belts, the hoses, the spark plugs and basically know the inner workings of your own car. If you ever have a maintenance question, you can always ask someone from a local tire store like SimpleTire. When the time comes to get a new car, do your homework and learn how to bargain. A car dealer will respect you and may even be so surprised he’ll give you a good deal.

Miss Independent: Five Things Every Woman Should Learn to Do
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Deal With Vermin

The best way to deal with unwanted visitors like cockroaches is with a heavy book, a frying pan or bait traps. Bug sprays work but might cause unnecessary suffering. Mice can be caught in humane traps and released into the local woods. Do your best to learn to live with spiders, because they can actual be beneficial to the environment, but if there are simply too many of them for comfort, they and their webs can be vacuumed up.


Plumbing Repairs

Really, few things are easier than fixing the plumbing. You can buy a how-to book about basic plumbing and make sure you have the right tools like wrenches, plungers, screwdrivers and washers. A basin wrench is indispensable and not that expensive.


Basic Carpentry

How many perfectly good pieces of furniture have been thrown out because a woman lacked the basic carpentry skills needed to repair them? Again, this just requires a how-to book and the right tools. If you have space in your garage or shed, you can even set up your own workshop.


Many things that women used to leave to men require neither great upper body strength nor a Y chromosome! Learning how to do some of these tasks can not only save you money, but save you the trouble of waiting for help. Prove you are just as capable as men and try something you have never done before!


Author Bio: Kandace got her information about car maintenance from Rhett Stone of SimpleTire.com

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