Best Gifts To Give A #Pregnant Friend This #Christmas

The expectant mother is facing an exciting holiday season. With a new baby on the way, she is anticipating this wonderful event. It’s up to you to make sure she doesn’t get left out in the plans. Here are some great gift ideas for an expecting friend this Christmas.


Hire a Decorator

As the due date arrives, the expectant mother may be overwhelmed with plans for the new arrival and for holiday entertaining as well. With the shopping that is necessary, plus a full-time job, many people can become overwhelmed. Help her out by hiring a decorator to come in and fix up the nursery. Usually, the nursery is the last place to be done, and it can be kind of a panic-stricken moment to realize that the nursery is not ready.


Hire a Housekeeper

This is another service that the expectant mother will be thrilled to receive. As the busy holiday season progresses, you can take the burden of housecleaning and transfer it to someone who wants to earn money themselves for Christmas. Having a clean house to come home to may be one of the best gifts of all.



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Baby books are always a treasure, but not all expectant mothers are crafty. You can actually buy baby books that are already put together, ready for pictures, shower invitations, and sign-in pages for showers. If the mother is a crafty person, scrapbooking supplies are a great choice for her memory book. If you, yourself are a scrapbooker, you can take the mother’s mementos and scrapbook them yourself as her gift.


Spa Day

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A woman in her later stages of pregnancy is usually especially discouraged with the changes in her body. A spa day is a great choice for her. It is just for her – she doesn’t have to share it with anyone else, and the massages and facials will lift her spirits and energize her body. It’s also good for the baby. A manicure will work wonders, and a pedicure is a welcomed relief for the woman who can no longer see or reach her feet.


Digital Camera

A digital camera is always a good choice for just about anyone. The expectant mother may already have a great camera, but a point-and-shoot can make all the difference in snagging those elusive snapshots of daily life. Digital cameras have become so sophisticated that the simplest camera takes clearer, more professional pictures than most professionals have used over the last 100 years. An added benefit to a digital camera is that you don’t have to get film developed – a cost that was once quite prohibitive to the avid photographer.



No, this is not the techie’s answer to a toaster oven. There are many brands of printers on the market that will dock with a digital camera or iPhone, and print pictures off for mere pennies. Consider this as a Christmas gift for the expecting mother. Don’t worry – it’s not an appliance, so you should be ok.

Jack Dunsworth loves writing about childcare, expectant mothers and everything to do with parenting. He works for Hippychick where they currently sell a wide range of interesting baby products.

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