5 Ways To Get Back Into Dating In 2014

Now we’re in 2014, you may be thinking about what resolutions you should commit to. Maybe you want to find someone to share next Christmas with or just generally want to start dating again. The New Year is a great chance to kick-start your search for love. Here are some dating resolutions to try out for dating in 2014 or any year.

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Stop making excuses

Have you been overcommitting yourself at work or telling everyone you’re “just too busy” to look for love? Now’s the time to stop. If you’re serious about looking for love, you have to be prepared to take a risk and think differently. Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy task and you need to be well prepared.

One way to stop yourself from procrastinating is to stop playing the “Yes, but…” game. If you frequently say “Yes, but…” to suggestions of how to find love, you’re hindering your chances more than you need to. Try to be open-minded.

Try something new

You’re much more likely to find love by increasing your social circle and there are plenty of ways you can get started meeting new people. Taking an evening class or pursuing a new hobby will bring you into contact with plenty of people who share your interests, so you’ll already have something in common. You could also travel to a new place or take up a voluntary job which will bring you into contact with lots of people.

Pursuing new hobbies and interests can also help to build your confidence, reduce stress levels and give you a sense of achievement – all of which will get you in good stead for meeting a new partner.


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Feel better in yourself

Whether you want to start exercising, eating better or going to bed at a reasonable time, anything you can do to help yourself feel better will help you in your search for love. Being a person who looks after themselves is an immensely attractive quality for many people and you’ll be more likely to meet someone who shares your goal of good health.

Of course, feeling better in yourself is a good idea whether you’re single or in a relationship. If you’ve been meaning to kick any bad habits, now’s the time to do it.


Try a new approach

There are plenty of different ways to meet that special someone if you allow yourself to go for it. Blind dates, double dates and speed dating are fun and interesting methods for getting out there.

Online dating is also a great way to meet new people and have fun. If you are looking for someone to have a serious relationship with, sites such as eHarmony could be worth a look. They provide a comprehensive compatibility system for singles, so you will be matched with someone who shares similar values.

Make it your mission to try something different in your search for love.


Don’t be hard on yourself

Many people unconsciously hinder their chances of finding love by berating themselves for being single. The truth is there’s nothing wrong with being single and it’s rare that true love happens just like that. Whether it takes just a few dates or a few dozen, there’s someone out there for everyone and, if you banish self-doubt, you’ll have much more energy to find your match.

Make some dating resolutions you can stick to and you’ll be much more likely to be lucky in love in the New Year.


Be sure to check out our Relationships section for more dating advice and tips!

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