Top 5 Horror Movies Made For Home Cinema Systems

The film industry is a law unto itself, defying the odds and creating one masterpiece after another (with a few misguided attempts along the way). With dozens of genres and hundreds more sub-genres, the choice of a ‘favourite’, ‘best’ or ‘most influential’ film is a difficult one that depends entirely on personal tastes and what the professional bodies say at annual awards shows. The days of a once-in-a-lifetime viewing at the cinema are far behind us, thanks to DVDs and home cinema systems which allow us to enjoy the magic of Hollywood in the comfort of our own homes. With the impeccable sound quality and unbelievable viewing pleasure home cinema systems offer, how do you narrow down which movies must absolutely grace your big (loud) screen? It’s a tough decision to make but many have tried. In honour of the imminent Halloween festivities, the list below suggests the top 5 horror movies to watch full screen and full volume; all the films on the list demonstrate a terrifying filmic genius and all were made to be viewed at a home cinema, turned up to eleven.

The Exorcist (1973)

Top 5 Horror Movies
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  • Seeing the face of evil, up close and in detail…no entertainment could be more horrifying
  • Hearing the demonic tongues of the possessed Regan on full blast…haunting your ears.
  • Viewing the possessions and exorcisms life-size on the big screen – a rotating head, in your face


The Grudge (2004)

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  • Experiencing Kayako’s horrifying crawl down the stairs on the big screen is frightening enough to affect the audience in much the same way it does poor Doug
  • Being engulfed by surround sound when you hear the unmistakable guttural warning that something mentally scarring is about to happen.
  • Being greeted face to face, up close and personal with the ghosts and their victims who always (effectively) appear at the worst possible moment.



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  • Hearing blood curdling screams of intense pain and mental torture on surround sound is something likely to stay with you long after the credits finish rolling.
  • Surround sound is also a sure fire way to cause yourself distress when you hear Jigsaw’s victims sawing through their own flesh and bone (among plenty of other disturbing mutilations).
  • Seeing Jigsaw’s creepy clown face taking centre stage on the big screen – a terrifying thrill, courtesy of home cinema technology


28 Days Later (2002)

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  • Rather than specific moments that lend themselves to home cinema viewing, the entire film is intensified with amplified sound and enlarged imagery. Witnessing the Rage-infected city dwellers chasing the confused and desperate survivors doubles the adrenalin when viewed and heard with a home cinema system


Halloween (1978)

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  • Michael Myers, the iconic unstoppable serial killer. His films are depending more on suspense and sinister scores than blood curdling screams and gore but as a Halloween and cinema classic, it can only be improved when experienced with surround sound and big screen

Make this Halloween unlike any other by using your home cinema to its full potential so you can enjoy the delights of Hollywood’s most horrifying work, like never before.


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This article is written by Colin who loves to watch movies in his free time along with his mates on weekend and loves his new home cinema system.

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