The Top New Year’s Resolutions that Fail #Infographic

Each and every year we believe that we are going to put into place some dramatic changes in our life, and then each and every year, we get to the end and realise that we haven’t managed to change a thing. We still have the same old bad habits, we haven’t managed to shift any weight, we’re no better off than we were this time last year – and it’s time to start making those resolutions again so we can make the changes next year. Unless we have a sensible plan in place though, the cycle will happen again. The same set of resolutions will be made and come February, the vast majority of us will have failed our resolutions. So, will 2014 be the year that you manage to crack your goals, change career, save money, learn something new, or whatever? According to a recent survey, all of these are in the top ten resolutions that fail the most and that means that they are highly likely to fail again, unless you do it differently this year.

If you are setting some goals for 2014, remember these top tips for your New Year’s Resolutions:

New Year's Resolutions that Fail
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Don’t set yourself too many goals at once. The more you have, the less likely you are to be able to succeed. If you set just one goal, you can focus on achieving it.

Make a plan about how you can achieve your goal. You are more likely to succeed if you plan a series of smaller steps rather than aim for the end result from the start. Each step you achieve will motivate you to move on to the next step and drive you forward.

Don’t set yourself anything that you know you will be unable to achieve. All this will do is result in you being upset about your failure and less likely to set future goals. Make sure you are realistic.

Check out the full list of unsuccessful goals according to a group of newsletter readers from This infographic shows the top ten.

Happy new year and good luck with your 2014 resolutions from, the creators of this infographic.


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