Find Love in the New Year Relationship Rant Twitter Party Recap #RelationshipRant

To find love…a common New Year’s Resolution that seems to be a recurring theme for many singles year after year. Your Life After 25 recently attracted guests from across the U.S. who shared their challenges and successful love tips at this year’s first #RelationshipRant Twitter party – Finding Love in the New Year. And the best part? Our guests included men and women of all ages, and even married ones who offered valuable tips for a happy and healthy relationship!

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Here’s a recap of the questions asked and highlights that sparked:


What Were Your Biggest Dating Lessons of 2013?

  • Not investing enough time ruined their chances
  • Building up the confidence in dating again – confidence is everything!
  • Don’t try so hard
  • Be yourself because when you’re not, someone falls in love with who you think he/she wants and not YOU.


What Have Been Your Biggest Dating Obstacles?

  • Finding out someone is dating a pool of others after you’re invested
  • Getting over insecurities
  • My own fear
  • Worrying too much about the unknown so not even bothering with it
  • Finding someone who was right on paper but not right in your heart.
  • Feeling too old
  • Dating and dealing with social media


Do You Find It Easier To Meet People Online Or Out And About?

  • Online seemed to be the common response here, although many people were hesitant to actually do it because it seems SCARY!


What Unconventional Dating Avenues Are You Willing To Try?

  • Invite your girlfriends ☺
  • Online
  • Speed dating
  • Christina Mingle
  • Volunteering
  • Professional conventions
  • Private social media chats
  • Meetups
  • Go on The Bachelor
  • Blind date!


What Dating Goals Do You Have For 2014?

  • Be willing to make changes that make you a better person.
  • To be more available and make more time for dating
  • To NOT get heart-broken
  • Let my walls down more
  • Cut down on work travel!
  • Make the significant other feel loved
  • Don’t forget about your own needs while tending to others
  • Stop being jealous
  • Learn how to date my husband and be persistant!
  • No one is perfect – know what is a deal breaker vs. a small annoyance
  • Find a new way every week for my wife to be loved
  • advice from the married man…p.s. of course he’s married! 😉


What Dating Advice Do You Have For Other Singles Looking To Date In 2014?

  • Don’t go for someone because of their potential – fall for their reality!
  • Give time to each other
  • Be open – never reject someone too soon
  • It isn’t a relationship until you both agree
  • Date in public until you get to know someone
  • Be honest!
  • Try to be friends with someone first and really get to know him/her
  • Don’t settle – know what you want and don’t accept any less.
  • Expand your horizons – seek new places to meet people
  • Don’t stand for what you can’t stand for – it’s ok to walk away
  • Take your time and don’t rush into anything too quickly


Thanks to everyone for participating!

Cheers to a New Year full of smart decisions and happy moments with your soon-to-be sweetie!

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