Check Out Disney Puzzle Packs A FREE Way To Keep The Kids Entertained

Hey parents! Disney has a new app that will delight Disney fans of all ages with a variety of puzzle favorites featuring popular Disney franchises. I know that parents are always looking for fun, interactive ways to keep the kids busy while they can strengthen their brains.

Disney Puzzle Packs
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Disney Puzzle Packs have hundred of puzzles from “word find” to jigsaw to “spot the difference” to matching. Disney Puzzle Packs’ 100+ puzzles will keep kids and families entertained on road trips this weekend and beyond.

Disney Puzzle Packs planes
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Available: 1/16/14
Platform: iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch)
Category: Entertainment, Kids (6 – 8)
Price: Free
  • Beloved characters from favorite Disney properties, including Disney Princess, Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Monsters University, and Disney Fairies
  • Hundreds of different puzzles featuring six types of puzzle (jigsaw, word find, spot the difference, matching, and word jumble) and three levels of difficulty
  • Reward system that encourages players to beat their best times

Disney Puzzle Packs word games
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Click Here To Download!

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